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13 Women Reveal That One Bollywood Song That They Have Always Imagined Themselves In

There are times when I am listening to a song and I start to picture myself in it. I imagine that I am wearing the most gorgeous of outfits, dancing in the most picturesque of locations, and being serenaded by the hero. But as the song ends, reality kicks in and I realize that it’s just another weekday and we are working nonstop on our laptops. Add to it, the guy I was supposed to go on a date with this weekend has ghosted me.


I asked my girlfriends if they also picture themselves in various songs like me and they said yes in unison. They said they did that because this was the only way they could deal with mundane everyday life. We asked women to reveal which Bollywood song they picture themselves in and they obliged. Read on.

1. “I have always imagined myself in Din Shagna Da. I want a gorgeous wedding.” – Natasha Agarwal


2. “It is Sau Aasman for me. I love wearing cute outfits, going to beautiful places, twirling, and making cute videos of myself.” – Sneha Banra


3. “Suraj Hua Maddham. Always and forever. It’s so grand and the cinematic presence is to die for.” – Pooja Bhaumik


4. “Chaiyya Chaiyya. As a child, I always thought it would be fun to dance on top of a moving train. I had a toy train which would play this song and a dancing doll that would dance on it.” – Vaishali


5. “Senorita from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. The song shows male best friends having fun but I want something similar with my girls.” – Virali Doshi

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6. “Hosanna. The romantic lyrics are to die for but also I loved the location – Fountainahs, Goa. I also wanted to roam around those colourful lanes while some cutie across the street danced for me.” – Ritu Sinha

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7. “Uff Teri Ada. I love the lyrics. I want my partner to think of me in this way, appreciate me in this way – while I’m just dancing and having the time of my life.” – Rujuta Thete

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8. “Tum Kya Mile. I imagine myself in those chiffon sarees next to a waterfall. I’ve always been a hopeless romantic.” – Kashish Arora

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9. “You Are My Sonia. But basically any Hrithik Roshan song ever. I think it’s all about the simplicity of the signature moves. And the actor. He was my childhood favourite. I wanted to dance like him” – Utkarsha


10. “Masakali. The song celebrates Sonam Kapoor, I want someone to look at me that way and capture me in my element.” – Radhika KS


11. “Khwaab Dekhe. Katrina looks stunning and I can only imagine myself to be a fraction of how hot she looks.” – Eliza


12. “For me, it’s Sawaar Loon. The song takes you to a different era where everything has slowed down and it’s just perfect. In this fast-paced life, I could use some slowing down FGS.” – Veena Kaur

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13. “Tera Mera Pyaar by Kumar Sanu. I want that old-school romance where someone falls in love with me at first sight. I know it cannot happen but a girl can dream.” – Anushka Basu

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These answers are honestly too cute.

23 Nov 2023

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