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Sonam’s Latest Glam Look Is A Lesson On How To Nail The ’90s Supermodel Trend

Sonam’s Latest Glam Look Is A Lesson On How To Nail The ’90s Supermodel Trend

While our social feeds may be chock-full of negative-space eyeliner looks, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja is here to remind us of the undeniable charm of a simple kohl-rimmed eye. Her chiseled jawline and that to-die-for eye makeup is on the wishlist of many beauty fanatics. That said, the soon-to-be mum gave us one of the most breathtaking maternity shoots to have ever blessed our social feeds.

The star recently took to her IG to drop a bomb of a beauty look that swept us off our feet. Sonam’s beauty look was a lesson on how to nail the ’90s supermodel trend. Welcome back to the ‘90s-inspired smokey shadow and brown lips. After a long stretch on the bench, the smokey eye shadow trend has been picked up, dusted down, and given a seriously cool makeover. It is a trend worth trying out to help your peepers realise their most glamm potential. The nostalgic trend has Sonam’s stamp of approval, and we’re officially sold. Ready to take a time machine back to the ’90s? For millennial babies who missed the OG hype – keep scrolling for the guide to creating the perf ‘90s smokey eye and her picture-perfect pout!

7 Steps To Ape Sonam’s Party-Appropriate Makeup And Hair

Step 1: For Airbrushed Complexion

A good base will set the rest of the makeup product up for success. First, prep your skin with a glow-boosting moisturiser. Then, buff a little layer of an illuminating serum-infused primer to retain max glow. Make sure you don’t forget the neck area. For foundation, use a damp sponge to get a seamless finish. Dot and blend concealer under the eyes and on any scars or blemishes you wish to blur out.

Step 2: Brows Before Bros

For perfectly shaped brows like Sonam’s, use a pencil to fill and define your arches. When you’re happy with the shape, flip over to the other side of the pen and comb through your brows with the gel so they don’t budge.

Step 3: Prepare To Hear A Lot Of “Wow! Your Eyes!”

Smooth the eye primer across the lids and let it set. Next, apply a nude eyeshadow with a medium shadow brush to create a base for the smokey eye. Take a little bit of matte brown colour to just blend on the outer corner of the eye. Grab a black kohl pencil and apply it to the lower lash line as well as the upper lash line. Apply it as an eyeliner on the upper lash line and smoke it out using a fluffy brush. Then, take some brown eyeshadow on a precise eyeshadow brush to smoke out the kohl on the lower lash line. To finish the eye, coat the lashes with mascara and stick on a pair of fluttery false eyelashes.

Step 4: Hello, Instant Cheekbones!

Add warmth to your face by using a bronzing powder across the temples, hairline, and jawline. Sculpt the face by applying a cream contour along the hollows of your cheeks. 

Step 5: Cherub Cheeks, Here We Come

Apply a peachy cream blush on the apples of your cheeks, directed towards your temples. Then, use a highlighting powder on the high points of your face.

Step 6: Believe In The Power Of Brown Lipsticks

Line your lips with a brown-toned lip pencil and then apply a satin lipstick in the same hue all over your lips. 

Step 7: Nail The Slicked Back ‘Cool-Girl’ Hairstyle

Smoothen out your locks using a hair straightener. We suggest using a hair gel to keep those frizz and flyaways at bay and ace the slick look. Now, middle part your hair and pull it back for an easy slicked back bun.

We can’t wait to see her next beauty look!

Featured Image: Instagram

19 Apr 2022

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