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7 Times Sonam Kapoor Stunned Us With Envelope-Pushing Beauty Looks

7 Times Sonam Kapoor Stunned Us With Envelope-Pushing Beauty Looks

Sonam Kapoor’s expertise isn’t limited to her profession as an actor. While she has a proclivity for fashion, she’s not one to shy away from delivering boundary-pushing beauty looks every now and then—from rivalling Rihanna’s never-ending baby-bump photoshoots to cementing gem-encrusted eyes as fashionable before Euphoria, she has redefined the concept of self-expression over the course of her career. And because she’s celebrating her 37th birthday today, we decided to join in, and celebrate the evolution of her looks over the years. Ahead—the very best.

7 Boundary-Pushing Beauty Moments Out Of Sonam Kapoor’s Look-Book

The Day She Did It Before Kim K

The night of Halloween witnessed Marilyn Monroe’s aesthetic play muse to Kapoor’s look—with a beach-blonde cascade of curls reminiscent of the Hollywood actress’ do grazing her neck, and her lips attesting to the timelessness of Marilyn’s scarlet-red. This one remains undefeated in its boldness. Notice the small but conspicuous Marilyn-like mole on Kapoor’s cheek.

The Day She Channeled Her Inner Desi Aphrodite

Sonam’s been sporting a glow—and a very visible bump—and we’re not crediting her makeup this time. A soon-to-be-mother, she channeled her inner Aphrodite in this maternity photoshoot with thick, smudged strokes of kohl rimming her lower waterline, and extending upward to complete a cat-eyed look with a little bit of smoke smeared onto the lids. Her lips fashioned a soft, glossy pink, and her eyebrows descended upon her forehead in all of their untouched, natural-looking glory. Her hair, straight toward the top, fanned out into brushed-out tresses below her ears, and dramatized the royalty of the look further. 

The Day Her Sister Said ‘I Do’

Posing as the bride’s sister, Sonam draped a pearl-encrusted maang-tikka across her forehead, and complemented the accessory with razor-sharp cat-eyes on the lids; pops of pink sitting atop the cheekbones, and diffusing to the apples; and a shade of pink coming into bloom on her lips.

The Day She Made Rhinestones Fashionable

Move over, Euphoria, because Kapoor claims the title of making gem-encrusted eyes fashionable. Though this look sings to the praises of minimalism, it’s contrasted with a sharper-than-ever flick of jet-black dramatised by a bindi-sized pearl planted to the side of Sonam’s eye. While this addition is statement-making, it doesn’t rob her ensemble of its spotlight. Her look is punctuated by a low-hanging ‘do that plays into the aesthetic even more.

The Day She Said She Can(nes)

While we missed seeing Sonam stride across this year’s carpet, she graced the Cannes Film Festival in 2018 in all of her jaw-dropping glory—clad in a floor-grazing gown, she looked just like Princess Belle. Her eyes were declared the look’s show-stopper with pops of yellow sprawled out all over the lids, and her cascade of waves was pulled back into a low-hanging bun defined by face-framing pieces.

The Day She Said ‘I Do’

Sonam emulated the aesthetic of a conventional Indian bride on D-day without losing her sense of minimalism—stamps of peach on the cheeks, barely-there eyeliner, mascara-laden lashes, and berry-red lips defined her look, and cemented her avatar as a lesson in less-is-more for brides-to-be.

The Day She Shattered Unrealistic Beauty Standards

Sonam isn’t one to shy away from the camera—on any occasion. The Bollywood actress is real and authentic, and it’s nothing but empowering.

Which one was your favourite?

Featured Image: Instagram

09 Jun 2022

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