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Sonam Kapoor Shares How She Revealed Pregnancy To Hubby Anand Ahuja & It Is Every Bit Adorable

Sonam Kapoor Shares How She Revealed Pregnancy To Hubby Anand Ahuja & It Is Every Bit Adorable

Earlier on Saturday, Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja sent the internet in a tizzy after welcoming their baby boy. Since then we have wondered when the couple will reveal their little one’s first pictures. However, we are also being realistic and know that it might take a while. But that doesn’t mean we do not have any updates for you. In fact, we come packed with a rather exciting one. Sonam has finally opened up on how she announced the pregnancy to hubby Anand and we have the full scoop. 

In an interview with a popular magazine, Sonam spilled the beans about her pregnancy journey and shared, “I found out I was pregnant on Christmas Day. Anand was in the other room of our London apartment since he had COVID-19 and I basically Zoomed him and gave him the update. Then we called our parents and told them as well.”

Isn’t it adorbs how Sonam couldn’t wait to meet Anand and made the announcement virtually instead? We bet every new mom can relate to the actress’s excitement!


Sonam also talked about how they waited for two years before trying for a child despite being ready. During the beginning of the pandemic, they were at Anand’s parents’ home in Delhi and they wanted to start a family but when the country went into lockdown, they decided to wait.

Sonam shared, “We went into lockdown soon after and things just kept getting graver, so we decided to wait. When my birthday came around in June, I told Anand, ‘This is it, I don’t think we can wait anymore.’ We’d already done all my check-ups with multiple doctors in Mumbai and London and everything looked fine, so we decided to go for it.”

Looking At Sonam & Anand’s Baby Announcement

On Saturday, Sonam and Anand broke the internet with a heartwarming note for their baby boy. The couple wrote, “On 20.08.2022, we welcomed our beautiful baby boy with bowed heads and hearts. Thank you to all of the doctors, nurses, friends and family who have supported us on this journey. It’s only the beginning but we know our lives are forever changed.”

We are elated to see Anand and Sonam start a new journey and are eagerly waiting for baby Kapoor-Ahuja’s pictures. Can someone make this happen already?

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22 Aug 2022

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