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Sonam Kapoor Met Anand Ahuja When She Was Looking For Self-Love

Sonam Kapoor Met Anand Ahuja When She Was Looking For Self-Love

Remember when Sonam Kapoor gave a power-packed performance in Neerja and had all us all smitten? Well, who am I kidding, for all those who have watched the film are sure to remember it and Sonam’s performance for years to come. Neerja was, in fact, the film that ended up altering Sonam’s life for good, both on the career as well as the personal front. Single-handedly helmed by Sonam in the lead role, the film proved to be a huge commercial success which changed the kind of film-roles that she was being offered back then. However, there was more to it. 

Sonam, who is currently making the most of the family time with Anand Ahuja and her in-laws, recently took to Instagram to share the story of how she met her husband. Turns out that it was right after Neerja’s box office success that the two met and fell for each other. The actress shared a portrait clicked right after the movie’s release and in the caption, she shared the details of her love story and how the period helped her with personal and emotional development as well. 

She wrote, “One of my favourite portraits, I was at my most pensive, it was a day or two after #neerja released, despite the success and adulation I wasn’t feeling ecstatic.. @rammadhvani said it was a feeling of equanimity which is good. I took a year off to feel something better than what I was feeling; in that journey in falling in love with who I was I meet my life partner @anandahuja.”

Here’s the post:

“This picture is a symbol of a crossroads to the journey of fulfillment, that doesn’t come with work or a relationship, it comes with being someone who doesn’t need any of the above to complete them but someone who is inspired by themselves to feel complete,” she added in the same post.

Now, vital as it is, how often do you find people talking about self-love while sharing their love stories? BRB, pausing for a moment to admire and soak in the wisdom embedded in those words! 

Featured Image: Instagram

23 Apr 2020

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