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Sonam Kapoor Gets Reals About The Not-So-Pretty Side Of Pregnancy & We Applaud Her Courage

Sonam Kapoor Gets Reals About The Not-So-Pretty Side Of Pregnancy & We Applaud Her Courage

Pregnancy is usually considered a magical time for many women. You’re prepping to give birth and NGL, the pregnancy ‘glow’ is real! However, it can also cause distress to many. From losing bladder control to developing health issues, it can be stressful, to say the least. While many shy away from talking about the hardships of their pregnancy journey, Sonam Kapoor just shared a pic that will defs leave you in awe. 


Recently, the soon-to-be mommy took to the ‘Gram and uploaded a pic of her swollen feet in her story. She titled the pic “Pregnancy is not pretty sometimes”. TBH, sometimes we as a society glorify the journey of being pregnant and put pressure on women to always feel positive. Good on Sonam for giving us a window into what pregnant women go through!


Previously too, the Neerja actress was unabashedly honest when she spoke about her not-so-pretty foray into motherhood. Speaking to a leading daily, she said, “Your body changes every week, every day, and there are new experiences. Sometimes I can’t sleep because I am running to the loo or I’m like sleeping for 10-12 hours and nobody can wake me up.” She further added, “Everybody talks about how lucky you are. I know that every woman goes through it”. You go girl–tell them how it really is! 

Sonam is due in August and the entire family is eagerly waiting to welcome the Kapoor-Ahuja cutie. A source close to the couple revealed, “After a long time, this kind of happiness will enter the Kapoor family house and they are damn excited. The day Sonam announced her pregnancy news, every member in the Kapoor family started their preparation to welcome the newborn as this is going to be the first child among the siblings”.

Well, we’ve always admired Sonam for her unfiltered take. And we’re counting down the days till we get to see her li’l one! 

Featured Image: Instagram

05 Aug 2022

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