Sonakshi Sinha’s 5-Minute Makeup Look Is What We’re Copying This Weekend

Aayushi PareekAayushi Pareek  |  Feb 22, 2021
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If there’s anyone in the B-Town who always kills it with her makeup and outfit combos, it is Sonakshi Sinha. Bold brows, matte skin and nude lipstick– her makeup style has definitely changed a lot in the last decade and she’s clearly not a fan of the ‘loud’ makeup as she once was!

Be it her Instagram selfies or a fashion shoot, we cannot help but double-tap instantly as soon as Miss Shotgun Junior posts anything. And her latest photos are so gorgeous, that you’d want to copy her signature makeup look ASAP.

Have a look…


Let’s Copy Sonakshi’s Signature Makeup Style

Now that’s what we call as *minimal magic*! Sonakshi’s makeup look is really easy to recreate and probably what each one of us would want to sport on our next brunch date, right?

So, let’s know all about it.

That Base Is So Fine That It’s A Crime


Sonakshi is clearly #TeamMatte and there’s no doubt about it!

To have a blemish-free makeup base like her, start by primer your skin with a hydrating primer. Next, apply a colour corrector or concealer on the spots that you wish to conceal. Finally, apply a matte foundation all over your face and neck (never forget the neck!) and that’s it.

Make sure you do not use a matte primer as your base, otherwise your skin will feel so dry and stretchy all day long because of the mattifying foundation. If required, spritz some facial mist on your face.

What’s On Them Lids?

Can we take a moment to appreciate Sonakshi’s big eyes? She is clearly a big fan of winged eyeliner and is rarely seen without it. And we’re obsessed with how she ditched her regular cat-eye for a smokey one!

To start off, apply a nude eyeshadow on your lids as it’ll make your eyes pop and instantly make you look lively. Next, taking your kohl liner, draw a faint line on your lids and using a fine eyeshadow brush, smoke out the edges.

And finally, apply multiple coats of your fave mascara and let your eyes do all the talking.

Ooh, Those Lips!


Now, let’s talk about what on her lips!

Sonakshi opted for a creamy matte nude lipstick and it clearly brings the whole look together. Just apply it all over your lips and you’re ready to slay all day!

You can also choose a bright red shade if you want to turn up the heat.

Sonakshi is really the kween of slaying Indian makeup looks, right?

Featured Image: Instagram