Let’s Revise Our Vocab, Shall We? Sona Mohapatra Slams Twitter User Over Cleavage Comment

KanupriyaKanupriya  |  Oct 18, 2020
Let’s Revise Our Vocab, Shall We? Sona Mohapatra Slams Twitter User Over Cleavage Comment


Sona Mohapatra is a feminist and there are no two ways about it. She has, on more than one occasion, used the strong F-word to describe herself (you can visit her Facebook post from 2017 to get an idea). The singer has been vocal about her support for equality of gender since the very beginning. She has fiercely spoken her mind on social media, even if that meant taking a stand against her own Bollywood folks. Because in her own words, actors don’t scare her – “They are actors. Not messiahs.”

This time, Sona made it a point to slam a user for making a rather illogical and offensive comment. Sona shared a video clip on Twitter where she was seen adjusting the camera to get started for a podcast. A user replied to her tweet and asked why do all feminists show cleavage (WHAT??). 

Quite obviously, the moral policing and sexist question can infuriate anyone. Showing cleavage is not about feminism and has never been about it. It is about the right to choose whether one wants to show their cleavage or not. That is feminism and that’s what real feminists have been trying to convey all along.

Sona could have ignored the troll and let it pass but, she chose not to. She decided that it’s time to explain some basics to such trollers and she had the most savage reply for the same. She asked the user to treat the ‘cleavages’ of their brain, and if that wasn’t clear enough, she explained the meaning of ‘cleavage’ as well.

Sona’s savage response definitely got our attention! 

This isn’t the first time Sona has promoted feminism. She was one of the few people who had some practical insight when #SmashThePatriarchy was trending on Twitter during Rhea Chakraborty’s trial. She suggested that Bollywood can truly smash the patriarchy when they start doing the right thing from within. She posted a series of tweets with 10 suggestions that won her fan’s hearts.

From equal pay, worthy roles to questionable roles and blatant portrayal of misogyny, she said what almost all of us have been thinking for such a long time. Her point of concern also revolved around the age barriers in the industry. She boldly pointed out that male superstars romance with women half their age in movies while female stars are asked to retire after a certain age. 

Coming to her profession, she pointed out that only 8-9 songs out of the hundreds released have female vocalists in the lead. She suggested making Bollywood an inclusive place even for the technicians and give more power and space to women directors! She praised Anushka Sharma for doing just that in her produced movies like Bulbul!

We think that Sona put out her views quite intellectually and kudos to her for speaking out her mind! Also, thanks to Ms. Mohapatra for refreshing our vocabulary and reminding us what ‘cleavage’ actually means!


Feature Image: Instagram