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#JustAsGuilty: 10 Things Women Are Accused Of, But Men Do Them Too!

Even if you’re with a total guy’s guy, we’re sure you’ve caught him doing at least one of these “girly things” at some point or the other. We decided to humour you with this list of so-called girly things men do too!

1. Being a shopaholic

While most women do spend a lot of their money on buying new clothes and accessories, men too have been known hit their credit card limits buying gadgets, jackets, ties, shoes and MORE gadgets!

girly things men do 1

2. Binge eating when depressed

Movies only show women stuffing their faces with junk food and ice cream when they are depressed. The fact is that men are equally gluttonous when they’re sad – actually, they’re pretty gluttonous in general.

girly things men do 3

3. Crying

Whoever said that boys don’t cry was a dimwit. If you live in the real world, you will be well aware that men are completely (and frequently) capable of bawling their hearts out.

girly things men do 4

4. Gossiping

From who is cheating on whom to whose girlfriend is a total b****, if you thought you knew all the latest scoop, you need to give your best guy friend a call and learn some lessons!

girly things men do 5

5. Taking ages to get ready

Contrary to popular belief, some guys choose their clothes with a great deal of care before heading out for a big night out, and even try on more than one outfit. And don’t even get us started on them setting their hair with gel!

girly things men do 6

6. Being a drama queen

From throwing a fit when their favourite team loses to not letting you hear the end of it if you’re 5 minutes late – women have PMS, but what’s their excuse?

girly things men do 7

7. Watching rom-coms

You probably have to force and bribe your man into watching the latest chick flick with you, but there are plenty of romantic comedies that they watch voluntarily. Don’t believe them if they say it’s just to see the sexy actress who stars in it!

girly things men do 9

8. Not being able to hold your drink

Women can’t hold their liquor as much as men can… Yeah, right! If you think this, you simply haven’t come across enough drunk men.

girly things men do 10

9. Taking selfies

In the gym, on a drunk night out with their buds, when they’re feeling sappy with their other halves – guys whip out their phones for that selfie-moment on numerous occasions.

girly things men do 11

10. Bad driving

Though most accidents in this country are caused by men, somehow the myth persists that women are the “only ones” bad at driving. Absurd!

girly things men do 12

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06 May 2016

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