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Neha Dhupia Has The *Perfect* Message For EVERY Girl!

Neha Dhupia Has The *Perfect* Message For EVERY Girl!

We talk about fashion rules and dos and don’ts every day. We also, on occasion, talk about breaking many of them… But there are some ‘what NOT to wear’ rules that are way more important and we forget that we need to be living our lives by them – ones that you might even have to break some older rules to follow. Rules that nobody talks about, nobody advertises… Until now, of course. Neha Dhupia talks about the 6 things a girl should never wear in this Blush video ‘So Basically’. It won’t be easy, we get that, but we’ll always have your back, ladies! Here are the rules – scroll to watch this absolutely amazing video!

1. Don’t wear the pressure of marriage.

There is no ‘right’ time to get married, no matter what all the aunties say.

2. Don’t wear the stress of hiding your sexuality.

Being shy in bed is not a prerequisite for every woman – no matter how much experience you have.

3. Don’t wear the fear of indulging in vanity.

The world will have you believe that beauty is everything and then call you ‘so vain’ when you start believing them. Well… To hell with it!

4. Don’t wear the guilt of having no children.

Just because you can – doesn’t mean you have to. The responsibility of taking the human race forward does NOT rest on your shoulders.

5. Don’t wear the habit of pleasing everyone.

Please whoever the hell you like – but don’t feel like you have to. It’s your life – you don’t owe anyone anything.

6. Don’t wear the load of keeping others first.

Please yourself. Pleasure yourself. Put yourself first. The rest will figure itself out.



10 Apr 2017

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