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5 Sneaky Ways To Disguise Greys Without A Trip To The Salon

5 Sneaky Ways To Disguise Greys Without A Trip To The Salon

Like filing our taxes or graduating from college, finding our first grey is one of the big moments we all dread in life. While we are advocates of embracing a full head of greys, if you’re in the camp of wanting to hide them, that’s fine too. If you’ve been looking for a way to cover up your grey hair without shelling out big bucks, we’ve just the thing for you. Ahead, we’re listing down five sneaky ways to disguise greys sans a trip to your colourist.

5 Smarts Ways To Prevent Grays And Cover ‘Em Up

Spray It Away

Semi-permanent hair colouring sprays are the fastest way to cover greys. You can camouflage or highlight the greys using a semi-permanent colour or you can do permanent colour to completely cover them. In addition to this, using a root concealer will also do the trick. 


Paint On A Powder

Experts recommend using root cover-up powder to hide the greys. Reflective mineral powders can help fill in sparse areas and instantly cover greys. All you need to do is blot it onto your greys five to six times. Pat it in and then use an anti-fungal humidity spray to lock it in. 

Mask Up

Mask is yet another way to steer clear of grey hair. Colour depositing masks are a surefire way to add shine to your locks and keep your colour looking fresh. They work wonders to cover the greys by coating ‘em with vibrant hues. From natural to experimental – there is a wide range of colour options to choose from. It’ll cover the greys while switching up your look. 


Sport A Fringe

If you want to cover pesky greys without regular root touchups, swap your hairstyle with a fringe haircut. You can opt for bangs or a fringe of some sort. Alternatively, covering them with root mascara will also get the job done. 

Reach For The Eye Shadow

If you’re longing to cover greys in a jiffy and don’t have the time to head to a salon for a root cover-up, reach for your shadow palette. Pick an eyeshadow hue that matches the colour of your natural hair and then blend it out on your greys.


Go Purple

Here is the thing: Purple isn’t just for blondes but it can be sported by literally everyone. It’s a great way to cover greys and neutralize any unwanted brass hues.

Use Heat Protectants

We suggest using a heat-protecting serum before you use a hot tool. This will help slow down grey hair regrowth. This is because using heat styling tools on hair causes the hair colour to fade. Opt for a formula that’s infused with keratin and vitamins to help your hair restore its natural glory. 


Buh-bye, greys!

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29 Nov 2022
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