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Sisterhood Of The Skinny Pants: Here’s Why You Should Swear By ‘Em!

Sisterhood Of The Skinny Pants: Here’s Why You Should Swear By ‘Em!

Would it be wrong to assume that every girl does not have the perfect skinny pair of bottoms in her closet? Yes, it’s common knowledge that skinny jeans are a wardrobe staple in 2019. But were they always?


From what people know, they’d guess the skinny jean revolution hit us in Y2K, i.e. the year 2000. Technically, yes, but mankind’s love for skinny pants goes way back to the 1950s. This was the skinniest trouser legs had ever been yet – dark wash jeans and pants were part of the uniform at that time. From then on, the pants only got slimmer and different forms of the same surfaced every decade.

1960s – Capri pants

1970s – Ripped, cigarette jeans

1980s – Leotards and skintight leggings

1990s – Mid-waist, skinny jeans with tapered ankles or ‘mom jeans’

2000s – Low-waist, extreme skinny jeans

So, the famous ‘skinny jeans’ were introduced in the 2000s but not everyone looked good in a pair. Between 2010-2015, these super-slim bottoms had taken over and settled in, thanks to more perfected versions that fit all body types. The last few years have shed light on why we love the skinny silhouette and not just skinny jeans. A slim-fit pair of pants is always appreciated as they accentuate the length of your legs but also because they are easy AF to style, amirite?

You know it and we know it. For those of you who don’t, here are all the reasons why we love us some skinny pants:

1. They make your legs seem longer and more shapely. Who doesn’t want to feel like a leggy model?

2. Skinny pants help make any outfit stylish rather than sloppy.

3. They go with everything! They are so easy to style.

4. Skinny pants (apart from jeans) are considerably lighter than regular pants so they’re great for all seasons, especially summertime.

5. During wintertime, your boots will thank you for wearing skinny pants. They’re easy to tuck into a pair thanks to the ‘slimness’ of it all.

6. Apart from skinny jeans, all types of skinny pants have a stretchy fabric so they’re super comfy.

7. There are so many types of skinny pants. Heard of treggings, leggings and jeggings? They’re all the skinny pants you need in your life rn.

Skinny Pants That Aren’t Jeans

If you’re not familiar with types of skinny pants that aren’t jeans, you’re missing out! Once you invest in these, there’s no looking back. Check out the list below to explore the different types of skinny pants you need in your closet, all day every day: –



Image source: Instagram

Gone are the days when leggings were lycra accessories to wear during a workout. What started off in the 80s as athletic wear turned into a closet staple by the end of the 90s. Made from cotton and lycra, the everyday wear version of these skinny pants is as sporty as it is chic. As we know leggings now don’t exist in 80’s style neons but various patterns and prints that can be styled with your casual and formal tops and blouses as well.

By 1999, leggings were outselling jeans. Yes, you read that right. They were that popular and why wouldn’t they have been? Once the fashion girls who ruled the 90s realised these comfy, easy to wear pull-on pants are acceptable as streetwear, there was no looking back. From then onwards, the leggings evolved to be more versatile than ever. Whether it is parties, casual Fridays at the office or to lunch, you can rock these skinny pants mostly everywhere.

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Top 3 Leggings To Buy Online


POPxo recommends: Leggings With Side Stripes (Rs 1,499) by H&M


POPxo recommends: Velvet Effect Leggings (Rs 1,190) by Zara


POPxo recommends: Snake Print Skinny Leggings (Rs 769) by Shein

Because leggings are skintight, it used to be frowned upon to wear leggings as pants with short or tucked in tops, which is why we now have different versions of them taking over the market. We’re referring to jeggings and treggings. Keep scrolling to read more about ‘em.



Image source: Instagram

With the rise of skinny jeans in the late 2000s, 2010 saw jeggings as the most popular fashion item and for good reason. Also referred to as ‘pull on jeans’ by some, jeggings (jeans + leggings) are made of a cotton-spandex blend that makes the fabric look like denim. However, the fit of these skinny pants is stretchy so as to make them tighter than regular skinny jeans.

These skinny pants are the perfect alternative to jeans for those who want a pair of denim pants to be lighter, tighter and most importantly, drastically more comfortable.

While some assume that all jeggings look and feel the same, there are two types that a pair of these could fall under – those that are essentially just leggings with a denim print or texture or jeggings that are a true cross between denim and legging material, denim fabric with high spandex content.

Now, we know what you’re wondering. Do you wear jeggings like a pair of leggings, basically by pulling them on with the elastic waistband? While with some, yes, that is essentially the way, with others, you zip and button them up like you would a pair of jeans. Some pairs even come with pockets and belt loops – to give you the true feel of wearing skinny jeans.

Top 3 Jeggings To Buy Online

Jeggings are still very much in demand, which is all the more reason you should have a smashing pair in your closet. Here are our top 3 jegging picks to pick up online:


POPxo recommends: Hi-Rise Shaper Jeggings With Side Taping (Rs 1,790) by Zara


POPxo recommends: Skinny High Waist Jeggings (Rs 1,049) by H&M


POPxo recommends: Rolled Hem Ripped Jeggings (Rs 1,657) by Shein



Image source: Instagram

As mentioned above, leggings can’t be worn with certain items like short or cropped tops. And for formal events, interviews and big meetings it’s not exactly ideal to walk in wearing jeggings, is it?

Treggings are the solution, my friends. A cross between trousers and leggings, this type of skinny pants is genius. With treggings, you can do everything you can’t or haven’t been able to do with leggings or jeggings. You can wear your short tops and tuck in your long ones to show off that waist AND you can proudly walk into an interview with a pair on.

These look like a pair of trousers but the fit and comfort gives you the legging vibe. When it comes to texture, structure and look, you can bet on treggings to sail you through formal occasions, trust us. You can get one or all of these features in a pair of treggings: elasticated waistbands, zipper closure, buttons, belt loops, mock pockets, and so on.

Top 3 Treggings To Buy Online


POPxo recommends: Women Black Straight Fit Solid Regular Trousers (Rs 2,304) by Forever New


POPxo recommends: Treggings (Rs 799) by H&M


POPxo recommends: Maroon Solid Slim Fit Chinos (Rs 1,553) by Dorothy Perkins

How To Style Your Skinnies: Dos & Don’ts For Jeggings, Leggings & Treggings



Image source: Instagram

1. Do it right by wearing cropped skinny pants with high top shoes or ankle boots – it elongates your ankles.

2. Pick voluminous and oversize silhouettes to wear with your skinny pants.


Image source: Instagram

3. Add glamour to your outfit by pairing statement belts with your skinnies.

4. Mix it up and take your skinny pants to the next level – wear pumps or stilettos with them.

5. Layer up with dresses and skirts.


1. Do not wear shorts on top of your skinny jeans.


Image source: Instagram

2. Don’t wear your leggings like pants unless your butt and crotch are covered. Trust us. Refer to the picture above for the acceptable length of tops to wear with your leggings, treggings or jeggings. Capische?

3. Don’t buy a pair if they bunch up at your ankles like a churidaar.

4. Do not only stick to hoodies and t-shirts to pair with your skinny pants. There is so much to explore!

5. Don’t go for extremely tight-fitting tops. Unless, of course, you’re planning on dressing up as Catwoman for a costume party.

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09 Jan 2019

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