Sweater Weather Is Upon Us & Here’s How You Can Switch Up Your Skincare Routine For It

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Nov 12, 2021
Sweater Weather Is Upon Us & Here’s How You Can Switch Up Your Skincare Routine For It


As the temperature drops, you are bound to face a whole new segment of skin concerns that stem from dryness. Apart from dry skin feeling drier in the cold months, you may find dry patches on combination or oily skin types too, and acne can get aggravated due to the drop in temperatures as well. This just means that it’s time to tweak your skincare routine for cooler weather. We help you decipher the best way to do that with these essential skincare steps. 

Skincare Routine For The Winters

Follow these steps to ensure your skincare routine is set for the last months of the year.


Step 1: Creamy Cleansers

Your facial cleanser is what does the most important bit of your skincare routine. If you choose incorrectly your whole skincare routine will not be as effective as you expect it to be. The right cleanser will maintain your skin’s pH and since the weather is cooler this time of year, opt for creamy cleansers which will help soften your skin. 

Step 2: Hydrating Toners

Avoid harsh toners that have drying ingredients. If possible, give your AHA and BHA toners a backseat and let toners with hydrating ingredients work their magic. Since your skin is more sensitive during the cold season, you will want to opt for toners that are more nourishing. 

Step 3: Nourishing Moisturisers

Whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin, you need to opt for richer moisturiser formulas for the cold season. It could be a thicker gel cream than your regular moisturiser and this will not make your skin breakout. Look for ingredients like vitamin E in your moisturisers because it helps treat acne and nourish dry skin at the same time.

Step 4: Beauty Oils

It’s time to bring back facial oils again. Face oils don’t work that well in hotter, humid weather but they are perfect for this time of year. A luxurious facial beauty oil will repair your skin, seal in moisture and give a gorgeous glow. Apply beauty oils after moisturiser so that the moisturiser is sealed in and absorbed by the skin while the oil offers an additional barrier of nourishment.

Step 5: Lip Treatments

You can’t ignore your lip care needs as they are bound to chap. A deeply nourishing lip treatment mask can be a good idea for this time of year. You can even skip lipsticks and opt for tinted lip balms that offer you colour and nourishment while keeping your lips free of cracked skin.

Step 6: Ayurvedic Sunscreens

Sunscreen needs to be worn in cold weather as well. This step will also further nourish your skin. We love ayurvedic sunscreens for this time of year because they make your skin feel fresh and also have moisturising properties with natural ingredients. 

Go ahead and build your skincare routine right away!

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