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A Skincare Routine To Break Free From Breakouts During A Heat Wave

A Skincare Routine To Break Free From Breakouts During A Heat Wave

It feels amazing to look hot. But when you feel hot in the literal sense, your skin starts to break out in no time. That’s just how it is during the summer season. While acne-prone skin experiences breakouts year-round, during hot weather the skin concern gets so much worse. Even dry, normal, oily, and combination skin types aren’t spared by the scorching heat with pimples threatening to pop up at any given moment. You can’t skip or skimp on your skincare regime this season. Better yet it’s best to upgrade and pimple-proof it keeping in mind the current temperatures.

 If you’re already breaking out, we understand and are here to help you break free from it. Here’s a clear-cut skincare routine to save your skin from acne during a heatwave.

Summer Essential Skincare Routine To Prevent Breakouts

Step 1: Refreshing Cleansing

When you get your cleansing step right, you’re one step closer to keeping your skin clear. Ditch those creamy cleansers and opt for gel-based or foaming ones instead. You need something that will gently cleanse yet not overly dry your skin in the name of controlling excess sebum. Keep it balanced with a cleanser that soothes your skin and is formulated with natural ingredients and or Vitamin C.

Step 2: Ice, Ice Baby

Get your ice trays stacked because you’re going to want to ice your skin this season. It’s honestly the best way to cool down your skin from the outside so that your pores shrink and stay clear and cool. Icing your skin after cleansing is ideal as it will make sure your pores shrink only after they are thoroughly cleansed. Just take an ice cube and swipe it across your skin. Focus the cube on active acne and pimples as this will also help reduce the size of the lesions. If not ice cubes, you could also freeze your facial massage tools or use ice globes that provide similar results.

Step 3: A Spritz Of Mist

As a toning step, you can opt-in for refreshing face mists to soothe and balance your skin. Mists can work as face toners and can also be spritzed on at any point of the day for some cooling, skin-loving action. Look for ingredients like cucumber, tea tree oil, or rose water in your face mists for the best acne-fighting results.

Step 4: Gel All The Way

Gel-based formulas are non-negotiable for summer. Every skin type will benefit from switching to gels, be it for cleansing or moisturising, during hot weather. Gel moisturisers are also ideal for treating acne and preventing breakouts from occurring. The right one will act as a shield against pollution and prevent impurities from clogging the pores. Swear by gel moisturisers with an aloe vera base as they are soothing and can also double as makeup primers to cut down your makeup steps.

Step 5: Shield Up

Don’t forget sunscreen because sun damage can also aggravate acne. But keep in mind, with the wrong formula, you can end up with even more breakouts. Luckily there are sunscreens out there that are lightweight and calm acne as well. The texture should be gel-based once again. A plus point would be if it contains natural ingredients as that gives a higher chance that your skin won’t react badly. For an even lighter yet powerful sun protection, try SPF that comes in a spray-on format as that allows you to easily apply and reapply sunscreen on the go.

Step 6: Weekly Scrub

All the above skincare steps are a total waste if you don’t exfoliate your skin at least once a week. Our skin tends to get heavily congested during the summer and dead skin cells are always waiting to shed The best way to clear it? Exfoliating. If you don’t exfoliate, these dead skin cells actually contribute to making pimples even bigger and more painful. Physical exfoliators can be too abrasive if you already have acne, so it’s best to switch to chemical exfoliators for a gentle and highly effective exfoliating step. Try salicylic acid exfoliators if you have blackheads.

Step 7: Mask Mania

Don’t forget to pamper your skin with a mask every once a week. It will help soothe existing acne and heal your skin. Try clay masks and peel-off masks more frequently during the day. Gel sleeping masks can also be applied at night for some extra TLC and cooling benefits.

Follow these skincare rules and your skin will be able to enjoy the summer without any trouble of breakouts.

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25 Apr 2022

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