6 Skincare Products That Will Make You Glow To The Gods Sans Highlighter

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Nov 30, 2021
6 Skincare Products That Will Make You Glow To The Gods Sans Highlighter


We love glitter on our eyes and fingers (and maybe, if we are feeling some kind of way on our lips). We don’t quite like on our cheekbones, or down the bridge of our nose – and definitely not on our forehead. Thus, we’re always disappointed when a highlighter – a glue that’s supposed to hold our luminous endeavour together and give us a healthy radiance – ends up leaving flecks of sparkles behind and leaves us disco ball-esque. We’ll admit that chunky highlighter isn’t the most obvious choice when going for a pared-back look. Consider this: instead of layering shimmer on an otherwise lacklustre complexion, how about starting your routine with glowing skin?

Thankfully, there are multiple skincare products that can transform tired-looking skin into a complexion that rivals JLo’s level of glow. These elixirs effortlessly sink into your skin instead of just sitting at the surface giving it a more seamless finish. Plus, they impart the much sought-after post-facial glow and act as a perfect makeup base. Who needs shimmery stripes on their cheeks when you can ace an all-over glow? Here’s a line-up of 6 skincare products that pave the way.

The Skincare Gems That’ll Replace Your Favourite Highlighter

To Make Your Skin Glow Like Grazy!

The skin-tightening serum is like a botox in a bottle, and the beauty set is going bananas over it. If you want to get yourself a collagen-protecting and super plumping formula that actually delivers a brighter, firmer face? This is the product to call on. It’s lightweight, absorbs really quickly, and adds an extra dewy boost, which is perfect for when you want to apply makeup. Trust me, the glow-up is real!

Lackluster Skin, Begone!

This exfoliating face mask is infused with lactic acid – known for being gentle, the skin ingredient is popular among folks who can’t tolerate more potent acids on their skin. Combined with fruit enzymes, the polish peels away dead skin cells and leaves behind a natural glow. All you need to do is apply it on dry skin, leave it on for 2 minutes and wash it off. 

For The Ultimate Sheen

Bobby Brown has nailed the vitamin-infused formula that can be used with or without makeup for when you want to fake a dewy, celeb-like glow. Its pore minimising and hydrating formula is the perfect skin-smoother, giving you that perfect base when you’re aiming for a statement-making dewy look. This formula will give you an ultimate sheen.

For Skin That Freakin’ Glows

The MVP of this serum? Vitamin C, of course. The water-based serum is filled with star ingredients that brighten the skin. It also contains polyglutamic acid that’s supposed to be more hydrating than hyaluronic acid. While these skin-loving ingredients work to improve skin texture over time, the serum also keeps the skin looking fresh and feeling moisturised as well as glow 24×7.

To Nail That Otherworldly Glow

No hyperbole here: face oil provides radiance like no other, but it can often break down your foundation and not sit well under makeup. The key here is to use 2 to 3 drips massaged deep into the skin, wait for a few seconds, and then apply your makeup. The glow-inducing vitamin C and turmeric will give you that otherworldly glow.

Too Good Not To Try!

Smashbox is known for its fan favourite primer, but if you love a dewy finish, try this priming oil instead. With hydrating, skin-rejuvenating benefits, it sinks into skin for makeup products to go over it like butter. This rich priming oil will give you the dewiest skin as well as plumper, smoother complexion that can hold onto your makeup all day long.

Get, set, glow!

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