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Skincare Products To Invest In That Act As Pollution Barriers & Protect Your Skin

Skincare Products To Invest In That Act As Pollution Barriers & Protect Your Skin

If the monstrous word “pollution” hasn’t already set off warning signals in your head, perhaps this will. Our country is home to 22 of the world’s 50 most polluted cities. Yes, you read that right. Besides the many well-known ways in which pollutants seem to have a direct and severe impact on our lives, most of us are unaware of the effects they have on our skin. The air we breathe in affects our skin just as much, if not more, than the skincare products we use. The funny thing is that for a long time, we felt that pollution could only cause a slight tan, which our regular facial could easily remove. And we’re certain even y’all feel the same.

Here’s How Air Pollution Can Lead To Unhealthy Skin

Let’s speak about how air pollution causes unhealthy skin now that we’ve successfully broken your illusion. Air pollution is the worst since it is a combination of several types of pollution as well as microscopic particle waste. It can cause hyperpigmentation, dark circles, excessive oil secretion, and skin dullness, as well as early symptoms of ageing. Since becoming an introvert or socialising while wearing an anti-pollution mask aren’t reasonable alternatives, try something wiser, something that preserves your skin without breaking your typical beauty regimen. Because it is unavoidable for many people in cities like Mumbai and Delhi, therefore the only option is to repair the damage and protect your skin as much as possible.

Everything You Need to Know About Anti-Pollution Skincare That Works



Moisturising on a regular basis increases the skin barrier, reducing the potential for air contaminants to permeate skin cells and produce oxidative stress. Ceramides are among the most powerful ingredients for improving the skin’s barrier function. Hyaluronic acid, also known as sodium hyaluronate, is a key skin building ingredient that serves to maintain skin hydration, thereby protecting the skin barrier.

Probiotics & Prebiotics

Pollution has been found to have an impact on the skin’s microbiome, which is made up of bacteria and microorganisms that dwell on the skin and contribute to skin health. Only skincare products that contain microbiomes are designed to restore the skin’s health.

Physical UV Blockers

UV light enters the skin like a stealth bomber, blasting collagen and elastic fibres that cause wrinkles, saggy skin, and cellular DNA changes that increase risk of developing cancer. But there’s another reason to shield your skin from the sun: certain contaminants are activated by UV light before they cause harm. A mineral sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher (enter titanium dioxide or zinc oxide) provides a physical barrier to both UV radiation and pollution.


Antioxidants cling to free radicals, preventing them from causing chaos in our skin cells. According to a limited but significant study, you may be able to combat pollution-related skin damage. You can apply an antioxidant serum containing vitamins C, E, and ferulic acid twice a day to reduce pollution-related dark spots on your skin.

Pollution, who?

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01 Jun 2022

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