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5 Skincare Ingredients And Treatments You Need To Bid Adieu To During Your Pregnancy

5 Skincare Ingredients And Treatments You Need To Bid Adieu To During Your Pregnancy

Even though your pregnancy may not seem complicated, the world around you certainly is. You aren’t allowed to eat sushi, slip into stilettos, drink your daily dose of coffee, consume a lot of medication, or stick to your daily skincare routine. The list goes on forever. And, what you apply to your skin is just as important as what you consume. Pregnancy skincare blunders include sticking to your regular skincare routine and choosing treatments like chemical peels or laser facials that could harm the unborn baby’s health. Here are some skincare-related things to stay away from when using skincare during pregnancy:

5 Ingredients You Must Avoid While During Your Pregnancy

Steer Clear Of Salicylic Acid & Benzoyl Peroxide

While experiencing acne while pregnant is relatively normal, you should be cautious when buying your acne creams. It is advised to stay away from chemicals like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide when pregnant. Combinations of these acids are found in many of the widely used acne treatments to treat zits. Look for solutions that just include one of these acne-fighting chemicals if you’re hunting for an effective acne treatment while pregnant.

Essential Oils Are A Big NO-NO!

Essential oils are frequently regarded as a natural alternative to OTC beauty products. It’s difficult to generalise whether or not you can use essential oils during pregnancy because they exist in a variety of forms and concentrations, but several have been associated with serious health risks if used during pregnancy. Before using any essential oils while you are pregnant, see your doctor first, and be sure to keep your exposure to a comfortable limit.

Bid Goodbye To Retinol

One of the worst skincare mistakes during pregnancy is using any type of retinol, including tretinoin, adapalene, and retinaldehyde. It allegedly leads to birth abnormalities in foetuses. Hydroquinone, which is frequently used to lighten pigmentation, is another ingredient that should never be used. These are the two primary ingredients for anti-ageing or acne that you should cease to utilise due to bloodstream penetration. Ingredients like vitamin C or glycolic acid can be used in smaller amounts as per doctor’s advice.

Avoid Laser Treatments

The first trimester in particular calls for extra caution. You can keep getting regular facials that include cleansing and massaging because they will help your skin stay hydrated. In fact, milk peels can reduce pigmentation and help skin become more supple. When pregnant, steer clear of laser treatments and facials that use frequencies and machine-oriented tools.

Stay Away From Formaldehyde

You should stay away from using any products that contain formaldehyde because it has been connected to infertility issues and miscarriages. Formaldehyde is a chemical found in many nail polishes and some hair care products. Despite the fact that it is not currently classified by the FDA, many doctors advise pregnant women to minimise their exposure to this ingredient. Use only nail paints with the labels “3-Free” or “5-Free.” Ask your stylist about the products they use and confirm that they don’t contain formaldehyde when you visit a hair or nail salon.

Pregnancy-Safe Skincare Products You Can Use While Enjoying Your Baby Bump

The Moms Co. Natural Ceramide Face Serum

Try using natural ceramide face serum from The Moms Co. It combines ceramide and hyaluronic acid in addition to other effective natural ingredients like rice water and plant-based AHAs. Hyaluronic acid hydrates your skin to keep it firm and moisturised, whereas ceramides strengthen your skin’s barrier and soothes it.

Bio-Oil Skincare Oil

This product from Bio-Oil is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a multipurpose, safe skincare option during pregnancy. Vitamin A, vitamin E, chamomile oil, sunflower oil, and lavender oil are all present and accounted for. All of these organic oils are thought to be anti-inflammatory and full of benefits for promoting skin renewal and improving suppleness.

The Moms Co. Natural Vitamin C Face Wash

Orange peels, vitamin C, and willow herb are among the nourishing and plant-based components used in The Moms Co. Natural Vitamin C Face Wash. These ingredients, which are all high in antioxidants and help gently exfoliate your skin to eliminate debris, calm irritability, manage bacteria that cause acne, and enhance moisture, all make your skin appear smooth and clear.

Disclaimer: Since your doctor is the best expert on your medical history, always consult him or her before initiating the use of any new skincare product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Build your pregnancy-safe skincare routine with these products!

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24 Nov 2022

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