The Future Is Dewy: Skincare-Infused Makeup Is Going To Be The ‘It’ Trend Of 2021

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  Feb 15, 2021
Skincare-Infused Makeup Products


Before COVID-19 we lived in a world where we thought makeup was all about looking good, and skincare was all about feeling good. We looked at them as two separate entities, and while that may have been true, the pandemic put this concept to rest for good. While skincare products and trends boomed in 2020, the makeup business needed to adapt to stay afloat. Hence, the birth of skincare-infused makeup products.

Skincare-Infused Makeup Is The Future

woman applying eyeliner


From now onwards, makeup brands will put more thought into creating their products. They won’t only work as makeup products, but they’ll also have skincare-benefits in them too. You’ll soon be seeing liquid foundations with SPF in them, eyeliners with natural actives to prevent premature ageing and lipsticks with moisturising benefits of lip balms! 

Especially in the case of foundations, the focus will be less on the coverage, and more on how nourishing and hydrating the product is. Makeup products will become multitaskers. They’ll be used to enhance one’s features and tend to the skin as well. 


With nowhere to go and no one to meet during the pandemic, consumers relied less on makeup products. Since they spent most of their time indoors, they hardly wore makeup and became more comfortable in their skin. They stuck to CTM routines and opted for DIY skincare instead. They also became more aware and conscious of the products they put on their skin and it made a whole lot of difference.

Come to think of it, MyGlamm was one of the first beauty brands in India to create skincare-infused makeup. Through co-creation, they took inputs from their consumers through surveys to create makeup products that have skincare benefits in them. A perfect example is The MyGlamm Treat Love Care Foundations– they’re loaded with antioxidants and made from natural ingredients such as clementine water, phytoceramide, and yeast extracts that repair the epidermal structure. Not only do these high-coverage foundations conceal blemishes, but they also nourish the skin. 

The makeup industry this year will mostly work towards creating products that also hydrate and nourish the skin. No longer will a customer be willing to buy products on a whim anymore. On the contrary, they’ll read up on reviews, research on the ingredients, and maybe take even a second opinion before spending money on them. For consumers to build brand loyalty, brands need to be more transparent about the ingredients they use in their products. They also need to be open to reinventing themselves and creating products for and with their consumers in the near future. 

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