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7 Skin-Positive Influencers Who Will Encourage You To Embrace Your Flaws

7 Skin-Positive Influencers Who Will Encourage You To Embrace Your Flaws

Social media has curated this false sense of reality for all of us. As we scroll through our feed, we see photographs of models, influencers, and even our own friends with poreless skin, Facetuned jawlines, and a filtered appearance. This obviously makes us feel like we’re the problem if our skin has spots or breakouts. But guys breaking news: textured skin, zit-covered skin, and hyperpigmentation-ridden skin is real and it’s completely normal.

If you’re looking for more wholesome and inclusive content on Instagram, then follow these beauty bloggers cause they are taking the skin-positivity movement forward and it’s hella powerful.

7 Skin-Positive Influencers Who’ll Inspire You To Love Your Unfiltered Face


Dr Anjali Mahto is a consultant dermatologist who helps you understand acne from both a professional and a personal POV. She has even written a book about her findings called The Skincare Bible: Your No-Nonsense Guide To Great Skin and uses her platform to talk about relatable concerns like sagging, rosacea, and the self-blame many of us with acne-ridden skin do.


Sofia Grahn is a digital content creator who shares pictures of herself rocking her acne, flaunting her stretch marks, and loving her scars. She’s fierce and strong and super inspiring. 


Many of us learned makeup through YouTube videos and what we didn’t understand then was the effect of lighting and Facetune that can make your skin look almost blurred and textureless. When we tried dabbing on foundation and didn’t achieve the same look, we felt disappointed. Well, Rocio Cervantes is here to tell us that texture, large pores, and acne scars do show even under makeup and that’s completely fine. You can still rock a fully glamorous face and feel fab.


Giving us a reminder that what you see on social media isn’t the reality, Kadeeja Sel Khan uses her page to spread the message of acceptance and love. She’s open about her acne journey and even talks about the bullying she faced because of how her skin looked. More power to you!


If you’re suffering from acne and are feeling low about how your skin looks, this influencer is here to tell you that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. We’re all unique, our skin is unique and so are our minds, and we all should be celebrated.


Love skincare? Lounorthcote’s feed is all about skincare products that she loves, what her skincare journey has been like, and what it’s taught her. From talking about backne to facial massages, every beauty enthusiast will find something to relate here.


Body hair and breakouts are both very normal. Cotty talks about these two and shares her own pictures so that women everywhere don’t feel so alone. She also uses her page to talk about self-love, desirability, and mental health and we totally love that.

So, here’s a reminder that you’re beautiful just the way you are- skin texture, pores, acne, and all. BRB, going to delete all my beauty filter apps. 

Featured Image: Instagram

01 Jun 2021

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