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11 Skin Care Secrets That Will *Change* Your Beauty Routine!

11 Skin Care Secrets That Will *Change* Your Beauty Routine!

While the skin we have right now (despite adult acne, dry skin et al) may look supple and young, it’s not always going to be that way. Your skin may seem invincible right now, but it’s far from it if you don’t care for it right. Your 20s is the time to step up your beauty routine to ensure your complexion looks fantastic as you grow older. We give you a few skin care secrets that will definitely change your life. Hello, clear, radiant skin!

1. Put A Lemon In It

Drinking plenty of water for fabulous skin is no secret, but adding a lemon to it is! Lemons are great for your skin, metabolism and digestive system. By flushing out toxins, it will help keep your skin clear from the inside.

2.  Towel Off And Lotion Up

2 skin care secrets

Moisturizing daily is the best way to fight dry, dull skin and the best time to moisturize is right after a shower to help your skin absorb it better and seal it in. Also, your hands are big indicators of aging, don’t ignore them when you’re applying lotion.


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3. Swipe Your Phone Clean

Are you always chatting away on your phone? Believe it or not, but your phone screen is a major carrier of bacteria and can cause breakouts on your jawline and chin. Keep anti-bacterial wipes handy and swipe the screen regularly to keep your skin safe.

4. Omega And Antioxidants

4 skin care secrets

For a blemish-free complexion, load up on antioxidants from leafy greens and berries. Also, Omega fatty acids help maintain an enviable glow. Olive oil, fish, fruits and veggies and nuts are great sources of it.


5. Grab Your Sunnies

A large pair of sunglasses is just a style statement; it’s necessary to prevent squinting in the sun that lead to crow’s feet. Sunglasses also help protect the delicate skin around the eyes from sun damage.

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6. Add Some Milk

6 skin care secrets

To your bath! It’s no myth, bathing in milk really can give you super soft, supple skin. Just add a few drops to your bath, and add some honey too for some extra moisturization for velvety smooth skin.


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7. Fight Cystic Acne

Gently apply warm or hot compress on cystic zits and nodules a few times a day to help reduce inflammation and kill bacteria.

8.  A Magic Scrub

8 skin care secrets

Make this easy scrub with a cup of sugar and half a cup of olive oil and scrub your skin in circular motions skin for a few minutes. It will leave you with skin as soft as satin. Feel free to use it all over.


9. Get Steamin’

Steam your face over a pan of hot water to bring back the lustre to your face. Steaming can help get rid of dirt and buildup in the pores and rejuvenate your complexion. Just make sure to splash your face with cold water and cleanse after you steam. Finish off with a toner.

10. Oil Up

10 skin care secrets

Before stepping out of the shower, apply olive oil when your skin is damp for a satin-like texture and an extra boost of hydration. It will really help you glow. You can also try baby oil if you have sensitive skin.

11. Invest In A Serum

Don’t confuse your skin by using way too many products. Aside from cleansers, moisturizers and toners you should just use an eye cream if you need and a serum. A serum has a higher concentration of hydrating ingredients that will repair and nourish the skin effectively and keep it glowing and looking fresh. We love Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate.


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13 Jun 2016

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