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Makeup Addicts, You’ve Gotta Check Out The Skeleton Contour Hack Cause It’s Insta Famous!

Makeup Addicts, You’ve Gotta Check Out The Skeleton Contour Hack Cause It’s Insta Famous!

If there’s a new way to contour with minimum effort and maximum results, we’re always onto it. This time the internet has presented yet another contour hack that sounds deadly as hell but it definitely has baddie energy. Welcome the skeleton contour. We know the name sounds like it’s tipping towards Halloween makeup, but we assure you it isn’t and the results are natural and snatched. The skeleton contour hack first kicked off when a beauty influencer Kali Ledger put up a video showing how to contour a baby face. And from what we saw in that tutorial, it was bound to go viral. This trick is nothing like our usual contour yet it seems pretty easy and the product placement is genius. Read on to find out more about the trend and understand if this new hack is for you or not.

What Is The Skeleton Contour?

The skeleton contour technique follows the hollow of your cheeks to add definition and sculpt. It requires you to first create a curved stroke that sits underneath your cheekbone and apple of your cheek, and then another line beginning from beneath the apple of the cheek goes through vertically towards the chin area. The product is then blended upwards and that’s it. Check out this simple video to understand the basics of it.

How To Try The Skeleton Contour Trend

You can either keep it straight to the point or get a full face of contour from this trend. Here are the two best ways to slay the trend.

Hollow Graphic

Here blogger Nikkie Tutorials puts the trend to the test, with no gimmicks. She uses simple curved lines and blends upwards for the first stroke of the product and downwards for the stroke that extends to the chin. As you can see she’s totally in love with the trend after giving it an honest review.


Full Blown Contour

The girl who started it all, Kali Ledger did more contour than just in the hollows of her cheeks. She even uniquely contours her jawline by beginning the stroke below the centre of the chin and then bringing it upwards on either side to follow the jawline. She also adds curved strokes at her temples, a swipe across the tips of her nose, and then proceeds with the contour placement in the hollow of her cheeks. You can try this method if you do in fact have a baby face or you just like a strong contour.

Would you try out the skeleton contour trend? It seems legit and is definitely worth the hype.

Featured Images: Instagram

20 May 2022

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