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6 Easy Ways To Give New Life To Boring Hair!

6 Easy Ways To Give New Life To Boring Hair!

We’ve all had had those “I’m so bored with my hair” moments, but had no idea how to change that. Well until now… If you would love to freshen up your do without chopping off your precious locks, there are a few other ways to beat those bored blues. We tell you a few easy ways to never be bored with your mane again. Go on and get out of that hair rut.

1. Give It A New Texture

It’s probably been long since you put in a bit of effort and tried a different texture. If your hair is curly, why not straighten it more often? Or use a curling iron on straight hair! A simpler way of changing up your hair texture is by using a texturizing spray or a beach wave spray and tousling with your fingers to really beat boredom!


2. Change Up Your Part

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The simplest way to change up your look (and that requires minimum effort) is to flip your part. Change it to the other side or simply try a center part. You’ll be surprised at how such a simple move can really make your hair look different. If you’ve had the same part for a while now, your hair may not sit in your new part at first, which is why it’s best to try your new parting when your hair is wet. By changing sides, your roots instantly get plenty of gorgeous volume.

3. Sex Up That Ponytail

There’s little that’s interesting about our usual ponytail, it’s how all of us girls get our hair off our face while showering or working out. But trying a few tricks to spice it up can really give you a flirty, girly vibe – and who wouldn’t love that? Simply pair braided bangs with your ponytail or just pull your hair back on one side instead of tying it at the back of your head. You can add loads of texture to your ponytail by teasing the crown with a fine-tooth comb, that is a celeb fave style after all. One super quick idea we love is the inverted ponytail, after you tie your hair, simply flip it through a loop just above your elastic for an ultra chic look you won’t believe you just achieved in 30 seconds. Who said ponytails couldn’t be glam?


4. Give The Faux Bob A Spin

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Why should short-haired girls have all the fun? The faux bob is the perfect style to dabble with a chic, shorter do without actually cutting off your locks. Simply create pigtails, roll them and then tuck them under the nape of your neck and pin in place. Read our full tutorial here. It’s really easy, we promise. It’s such a cool style to try when you’re sick of your hair looking the same day in and day out. Plus, it’s a red-carpet worthy look, so it’s perfect to pair with your favourite dress to help you wow.


5. Try No Heat Curls

They say straight is boring, so why not try these simple tricks to wake up to beach-babe waves while saving your locks the damage caused by a curling iron? On damp hair, separate your hair down the middle into two sections, one on each side, and twist them tightly. After you’ve twisted your section, wind it up into a bun and pin to your head on either side so you’re left with two twisted buns on either side of your head. Let it stay like this overnight while you sleep. When you wake up the next morning, let loose your fabulous waves and use your fingers to tousle. You can also try this with two plaits instead of twisted sections. If your hair is thick you may want to create 3 or 4 sections instead of just 2 for uniform waves.

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6. Notch Up Your Blow Dry

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You usually run your paddle brush through your hair while blasting heat from your blow dry to help smoothen your locks and fight frizz. Take it up a notch by adding a root-lift spray before you begin blow-drying. This will bring oodles of life and va va voom volume to your hair. Also, take some round brushes and coil them around the ends and leave them like that for a few minutes while your hair cools to give you pretty waves at the bottom.


7. Dress Up Your Mane

Hair accessories are a raging trend; if you haven’t already shopped a few attention-grabbing hair chains, then what are you waiting for? You can wear them for anything from a music fest to a wedding to add a pretty twist to not just boring hair but a plain outfit as well. We love this Style Fiesta Pebble Headchain. Bejeweled hairbands and pins are also simple ways of adding some sparkle to your locks and instantly giving them a pretty makeover.

Images: Shutterstock, Viral Bhayani


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05 May 2016
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