Sneaky Li’l Thief: 9 Thoughts You’ll Relate To If Your Sister Loves Raiding Your Wardrobe!

KanupriyaKanupriya  |  Mar 30, 2021
Sneaky Li’l Thief: 9 Thoughts You’ll Relate To If Your Sister Loves Raiding Your Wardrobe!


Can your sister be your BFF? Sure, if you are lucky enough, you will find a best friend that you can call a sister. They share legit everything with you and you don’t even have to speak in full sentences with them. And because you share everything, you can definitely share a couple of clothes too. But when she literally wears every single thing you own, that’s when the trouble starts brewing. 

While sharing food is still bearable, sharing wardrobes can wreak havoc in your household. It’s when your sister decides to raid your wardrobe despite your infinite warnings. Yep, that’s a complete no-go. 

9 Thoughts You’ll Relate To If Your Sis Keeps Raiding Your Closet

Dear sisters, you can take my soul, but not my damn clothes! If the thought of your sis raiding your closet annoys you, you will find these instances relatable AF.

Mission Hide That Package Forever

You order a beautiful dress online, complete the payment, and then you wait. You wait at your doorstep like an obedient watch-guard to receive your package. Because you know that if your sister gets her hands on the dress before you do, then it’s hers forever. So, you receive the package and you hide it in a treasure box and bury it where your sis cannot find it ever!

Did You Borrow It From Your Sis?

But if your sister does get her hands on your new dress, be prepared to watch her ‘Gram flooded with stunning pics in it. And FYI, all your mutual friends will believe that the outfit belongs to her. So next time when you wear it, be ready to explain that nope, you did not borrow it from her. *Ugghh*

At Least Return The Damn Thing

She is your sister and she will raid your wardrobe without any shame. Sure, you can live with that (or try to). But what’s unacceptable is when your sis downright refuses to return the things she steals (yep, it’s ‘stealing’ and we aren’t sugarcoating) from your closet. Seriously, Pooja, what is this behaviour?

Your Mom & Dad Have Given Up

You may think that your parents will talk some sense into her. And she’ll stop stealing things from your wardrobe. But nope, nothing of the sort happens. They have long given up on you, your sister and your never-ending closet-war. Even screaming ‘mummaaaa’ to stop the force of nature, known as your sister, will not help you in keeping your clothes safe.

Damn When They Look Better In Your Clothes

Okay, we gotta admit that while our sisters may be the biggest thieves in the world, they are good-looking ones FOSHO. I mean, here’s the secret—our sisters definitely ace our outfits better than we do and give us some style inspo while they are at it.

OMG She Ruined It!

If you think that fights break only when your sis tries to raid your closet then wait till you get the clothes back and find out that they’re ruined. A single drop of ketchup on any of your attire that she wore can make you see red–literally. And god forbid, if she stretches the outfit and ruins the original size, then it means WAR.  

The Cupboard Is A Mess

Your sis may be sneaky while taking out stuff from your closet in the middle of the night or when you are not around. But, if she is a thief then you are no less than Sherlock. One look at the disorganised cupboard and you know that your sister has raided it. Honestly, more than frustrating, it is tiring. Behen, just clean up the mess for god’s sake!

Revenge Is Sweet

While you may have a better collection of OOTDs, your sister has good taste accessories. And you know what that means, right? Role reversal! Take away the best accessories from your sister’s closet when the time is right. Revenge is indeed very sweet!

If She’s Caught, She’s Dead

She may cry, scream and fight to get something from your closet, but it will all go into vain as you have just one thing to tell her—over my dead body! But, the day you catch her in your clothes, she’s dead. Nope, there are no two ways about it and she knows that pretty well.

BRB, going to check on my wardrobe.

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