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Single, ‘Bad’ And Cool With It – This Video Is Just BADASS!

Single, ‘Bad’ And Cool With It – This Video Is Just BADASS!

The longer you are single, the more people have to say about it. And about you. About how you’re driving away the ‘good guys’ with your choices, about how you really need to settle down. And God forbid that you are a single girl who dates, who drinks, who goes to parties alone, who has a sex life – and someone who doesn’t hide any of these things. Because then it’s not just the nosy neighbour type people whose comments you have to ignore but also learn to cope with the unthinking biases and opinions of people you consider friends. But what is the reality of a single girl’s life? Is she always ‘ready to mingle’? For, people of the world, you really should know this – we have feelings, values and priorities too. They’re not exclusive to women who are in committed relationships. But what is most important is this – if we are choosing to be single, we are doing so for our own reasons, and the opinion of the world really does not matter. Watch the ever-awesome Sandhya Mridul slay it in this video called ‘Single Women Are Bad Women’ for Kommune India about being a single woman, a ‘bad’ woman. No sugar-coating, no euphemisms, no filters – she tells it just like it is. It’s thought-provoking…but mostly, it’s just BADASS.


P.S.: And don’t be shy about making your not-single friends watch this as well – ‘coz, really, everyone needs to know this.


03 May 2017

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