Coronavirus Could Spread Through Beauty Products Too, Here’s How You Can Protect Yourself

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  Mar 10, 2020
Coronavirus Could Spread Through Beauty Products Too, Here’s How You Can Protect Yourself


Coronavirus has been around for four long months now and has gotten the whole world into a frenzied panic. It’s deadlier than your common flu and can you can catch it too if you’re not careful enough. First things first, it’s important to be cautious about where you keep your hands. Touching doorknobs, your phone, an infected person’s hand, your laptop keyboard, using public transport and then, touching your face, can easily transmit the virus. So where does beauty come into the picture with all the coronavirus hullabaloo? 

Simple Beauty Tips To Keep You Safe From Coronavirus

It’s true that you’re probably already taking precautionary measures to keep yourself safe from COVID-19 by wearing masks, washing your hands, using a hand sanitizer often and using germ-killing skin care products, but do you think that it’s enough? We don’t think so.

1. Make Sure That Your Beauty Salon And All The Tools They Use Are Sterile

Whether this is a nail salon or a local parlour where you go to do your brows, wash your hair, waxing and facials, you need to make sure that the tools they use are squeaky clean and free from bacteria. If you aren’t sure, don’t feel shy to ask them. That way, your mind would be at peace too. For your own safety, make sure that even the nail technician does your manicure with gloves on and uses single-use nail files and buffers. For facials, make sure that the towels and sponges that are used during the treatment are new and clean. 

2. Scrub The Gunk Under Your Nails

Thanks to our Content Head, Kashika Saxena, you probably know how to wash your hands properly by now. While you’re singing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song and washing your hands, don’t forget to scrub under your nails too. That’s where the bacteria hide. Since the environment is warm and moist under your fingernails, viruses and bacteria can live longer there. If you have long nails or get gel manicures or nail extensions done, invest in a new toothbrush, drizzle some anti-bacterial liquid soap over its bristles and get scrubbin’. For short nails, scrub around and under the nail to keep them clean. It’s always great to have a hand sanitizer that you can toss into your purse. But if you can’t find one in the stores because of the high demand then you can DIY hand sanitizer at home as it is perfect to use in-between hand washes.

3. Avoid Biting Your Nails

As it is, biting one’s nails is considered to be a bad habit. If you do this often, then you must find another way to release that nervous energy ASAP like maybe investing a stress ball or fidget spinner. If at all there are any bacteria stuck under your nails, they could enter your body if you bite your nails. What’s even more tragic is that if you have an open wound or a swollen cuticle, the bacteria could infect that area.

4. Face Mists Help To Hydrate & Minimize The Risk Of Infection


When your skin is dry, it starts to crack. This makes your skin more prone to getting an infection as the bacteria nestles between the cracks. To prevent this from happening, you can either invest in a humidifier at home or use a face mist. The face mist is easier to carry around with you everywhere. It will not only make sure that your skin stays moist and hydrated but also soothes and nourishes it at the same time. 

5. Do Not Use Product Testers

While it’s tempting to get a makeover done at a beauty counter, you must ensure that you ask the employees to sanitize their makeup products and brushes before they use it on your face. The same goes for testers and shareable beauty products. You see, coronavirus does spread through airborne droplets and they can survive for a couple of hours in moist surfaces like a makeup sponge, liquid foundation that’s exposed and lipsticks. It’s best to stay away from them for a while. In general, lipstick testers found at most beauty counters are a breeding ground for bacteria, never use them on your lips. Always swatch the lipstick on the back of your hand. 

These are a few beauty tips to keep you safe from coronavirus. We hope that you follow them and inform your friends and family as well. 

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