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A Major Fight Just Broke In The BB 15 House & An Eviction Is Definitely On The Cards Now!

This is a tough week for the contestants of Bigg Boss 15, especially the less popular ones. With multiple wild card entries in the line, things are going to get difficult for those already in the house and it would only be the fittest who survive. Long things short—this is a bad time to get nominated. To make things worse, all the big shots like Karan Kundrra, Tejasswi Prakash, and Jay Bhanushali have already been saved from the upcoming nominations. The fate of the rest of the housemates hangs in mid-air as of now and naturally, they are getting anxious. The results? Endless fights, one of which has led to a major rule breach in the house.

In yesterday’s live feed, Simba Nagpal and Umar Riaz were seen getting involved in an altercation during the immunity task. Naturally, everyone wanted to be immune at such a crucial point and the desperation quickly led to physical aggression for these two. A lot was said and done, and too agitated by the fight, Simba ended up pushing Umar into the swimming pool. In tonight’s promo video as well, he can be seen using his full strength to aggressively push Umar and then throwing something at him as well. Here, check out the video:

It is rather surprising to see Simba losing his calm so badly that he had to resort to physical violence. All this while, he has been appreciated for always being the sweet, and dignified one in the house. Well, looks like all of that has been a facade and the real Simba is out of his shell now. However, the major question is—at what cost?

Last season, Vikas Gupta was shown the door for pushing Arshi Khan in the swimming pool. It wasn’t even a violent push but it nevertheless broke the Bigg Boss rules and thus action was taken against the TV producer. Keeping that in mind, it sounds only fair that similar action should be taken against Simba as well. That said, the Bigg Boss rules seem to have relaxed for season 15 and our mind goes back to the day when Karan Kundrra literally choke slammed Pratik Sehajpal. To everyone’s surprise, no action was taken against the actor. We did anticipate that while they would not throw him out of the house, they might nominate Karan for an indefinite period (like they did with Rubina Dilaik) but that didn’t happen either.

Now, given that Simba is a Colors’ face, we have our share of doubts about what will happen next in the Bigg Boss house. The viewers are equally apprehensive at the moment and that is why “EVICT SIMBA NOW” is currently trending on social media. Whatever, Simba has done is unacceptable both inside the Bigg Boss house and outside it and we are hoping that strict action is taken against the actor now.

Featured Image: Twitter

02 Nov 2021

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