7 Silly Little Things Every Girl *Still* Does In Her 20s!

Isheeta SharmaIsheeta Sharma  |  Jul 28, 2016
7 Silly Little Things Every Girl *Still* Does In Her 20s!

We do a lot of things when we are trying our best to act all grown-up and mature (what does that even mean, though?) but here are 7 silly things all girls do in their 20s that are not all that “adult”… And that’s okay, because why do we have to grow up, anyway?

1. Lick chocolate off the wrapper.

To be fair, when it is about chocolates there is no “proper” way to behave, that’s like a universal rule to eating chocolates. So licking the remains off the wrapper? Hey, we are just appreciating that yummy chocolate and won’t waste a speck of it!

1 silly things all girls do

2. Call up mom for EVERY LITTLE THING!

Recipes, medicines, what to buy, money issues – mums have got it all figured out for us, don’t they?

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3. Check the colour of our tongue after eating a popsicle.

There is a weird kind of satisfaction in eating a particular coloured popsicle and watching your tongue turn the same colour. So you check it out in the mirror, and then make those weird, animated faces with your tongue sticking out :p

3 silly things all girls do

4. Making that “schlurp” sound once the juice is over.

Juice boxes were made for those last 10-minutes when you are trying to “schlurp” every drop of the juice out. After all, we are just trying to get our money’s worth. *wink*

5. Say “Once I am grown up…”

It isn’t even funny that we still make future plans hoping we will grow up some more and become an adult in the “real” sense. I mean, technically speaking, this is it, right? We already are adults, and yet are planning things to do “once we grow up”?!

5 silly things all girls do

6. Make a big deal out of our birthdays.

Ah, well. If there is someone who doesn’t do this then they TOTALLY should! Birthdays are what we live for, we eagerly wait for that one day every year and we are more than just happy when it finally arrives. Fine, we might annoy people around us a bit but you know what? 20 or not, there is no other way we’d have it!

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7. Freak out if there is a teeny-tiny insect in the room.

Did someone say COCKROACH?!

7 silly things all girls do

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