8 Signs You’re A Good Kisser And You Just Didn’t Know It!

Divya DhillonDivya Dhillon  |  Dec 22, 2017
8 Signs You’re A Good Kisser And You Just Didn’t Know It!


Never judge a book by its cover’ does not go along well when it comes to intimacy. Kiss is like a trailer to the movie where we make up our mind whether we want to watch the whole movie or not!

That means it puts a lot of pressure on us to impress the other person!

Even though you might be having a lot of fun kissing your partner, you cannot be sure if he is enjoying it too! Luckily there are many signs to tell if you are a good kisser or not! So let’s have a look.  

Image 1 signs you're a good kisser

1. You practice good oral hygiene

You are always kiss ready! To make sure you rock fresh breath all the times, you never forget carrying some mints.

2. You don’t hiss your tongue right into his mouth

Of course, you know how to kiss. But, more than anything, kissing is an art to you. Instead of jamming your tongue into his mouth you like to stroke it in soft motion over his lips and gently slide into his mouth (and not trying to feel every inch of his mouth).

3. You branch-out your focus from the lips/ A kiss beyond the kiss

You are playful and know how to make a kiss last long. That is one of the essential signs of a good kisser. Taking a quick mischievous departure from the lips to his cheeks, ear, and neck is how you make things more interesting and sensuous.  

4. You try to blend into his style

You are not adamant, you are open to different techniques. Instead of sticking to your own style and hope to match it, you try to sync in his style.

A good kisser knows how to switch their kissing according to different partners and realize when to amp it up and slow it down.  

Image 2 signs you're a good kisser

5. You get rough just when the beat drops

You like to build up the tension first by gently pursing your lips to his lips, massaging it between yours and then work your way into the aggressive hot and steamy kiss.

6. You can laugh off awkwardness

You know how to make the most of an awkward situation. You can easily laugh off any weird noises during the kiss!

7. People tell you

If you really are a good kisser, your partner would not be able to stop himself from complimenting you! Listening to a ‘wow’ after a kiss is normal for you.

8. Self-analysis

You sometimes kiss your backhand to understand how would your partner feel. 

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