#HeSays: 10 Hints Guys Give You To Tell You They Love You!

POPxo ManPOPxo Man  |  Jul 20, 2017
#HeSays: 10 Hints Guys Give You To Tell You They Love You!

We know women think we don’t often try hard enough to impress the girl we like. But guess what? That’s not completely true. We may not go out of our way to express our love for you, but we do try to give you subtle hints so you know that we have genuine feelings. When we start dating someone new, we might not say ‘I love you’ as soon as we would like to… But we do give our feelings away in other ways. Don’t believe us? Here are a few (yes, really, just a few!) hints we give when we’re in love with you.

1. When we compliment you!

So you know we don’t just say you look pretty, we mean it.

2. When we remember little things you tell us…

Yeah, it’s unlike us but we do remember details of all the things you tell us, you know.

3. When we laugh at all your jokes!

Yeah, even the ones that aren’t as funny as you think they are. But, well, it’s you, so…  

3 signs your boyfriend loves you

4. When we actually pay attention to what you say…

Zoning out might be our thing when you start talking about things we just don’t get… But if we do pay attention to what you’re saying – girl, you’re definitely very loved.

5. When we talk to you about your future plans…

This is something that we only do when we genuinely feel for you! We really want to know about your future plans just to see if we are in it. Yeah, guys think about all this too.

6. When we are up for anything you want us to do… No matter how crazy it is!

You know it can be a bit embarrassing to stand in the middle of nowhere to click a selfie – but if we do it, we do it only to make you happy.

6 signs your boyfriend loves you

7. When we want to know about your family and friends…  

When we ask you about your family and friends, it means that we really want to get to know you. And when do we do that? When we are sure you’re the one for us!

8. When all we want is to spend time with you!

Yeah, yeah, we often find silly reasons just so we can talk to you or spend time with you. It’s because we miss your voice. And face. And everything else. So there!  

9. When we tag you in memes!

This really matters. If we keep tagging you in memes, it means we’re thinking about you all day, every day.

9 signs your boyfriend loves you

10. When we take your opinion on things…

We’re pretty easy-going, you know? And we just like to do things our own way most of the time. So when we ask for your opinion, it means we really do want to get your input before making an important decision. Because what you think is important too.

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