10 Signs You Have the Best Husband in the World!

Smriti NotaniSmriti Notani  |  May 24, 2016
10 Signs You Have the Best Husband in the World!


You knew deep down in your heart that you were ready to get married only because you knew this guy was beyond awesome. But it took living together to realise your man is basically #HusbandGoals! 🙂

Here are the signs that tell you you’ve got just the best husband ever!

Husband Goals 1. He’s always got your back.

You don’t have to deal with haters anymore because your husband is like your personal Avengers squad. Oh and yes, he will turn into the Hulk if someone dare say anything about you!

1 best husband

Husband Goals 2. He’s a new age guy!

He doesn’t act like husbands used to in the 1960s. Do we need to say more?!

Husband Goals 3. He treats your family with love and respect.

It warms the cockles of your heart to watch him play around with your younger siblings/cousins and show care and concern for your parents. He knows what’s important to you and leaves no stone unturned! He’s surely the best husband!

Husband Goals 4. He gets emotional while talking about you.

Men operate differently and you may not see him bawl when something touches his heart. But the sincerity in his eyes when he talks about you and the love you two share is so endearingly apparent.

4 best husband

Husband Goals 5. He is the wind beneath your wings.

He encourages you to excel in every field of your life. Whether it’s on the work or home front, he’s always rooting for you.

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Husband Goals 6. He’s a secure guy.

He isn’t bothered about your exes, nor does he get super-insecure at the mention of any guy friend. He’s simply the best husband and trusts in the bond that you two share and knows it surpasses any relationship you may have ever had.

Husband Goals 7. He helps around the house!

One of your main areas of concern when you got married was that life was about to get super hectic – what with managing work and household responsibilities. But your husband gets (as he should) that these are not your responsibilities alone! He helps you around the house and makes no bones about the fact either.

7 best husband

Husband Goals 8. He loves surprising you.

Who said the romance had to end after marriage? He’s the best husband because he makes you feel like it’s only just begun! Not only have your date nights gotten more romantic and epic than ever before; but he also brings you flowers and breakfasts in bed, and plans surprise getaways! *Sigh*

Husband Goals 9. He knows your girls are super important to you!

He loves having your friends over and that’s something you are so proud of! Besides, he doesn’t sulk if you need to blow off some steam with your girls alone. He understands that your ‘Girls Only’ plans are important and he makes sure you get your quality time with them!

Husband Goals 10. He knows how to handle you – even at your worst.

Whether you’re feeling low about something that happened at work or you just have a really bad case of PMS, Mr. Best Husband knows how to handle it all. He knows when you just need to vent and he knows when you need some wine! Moments like these make you wonder, “What in the world would I do without him?!”

10 best husband

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