12 Ways You Are *Winning* At Life! (You Go, Girl!)

Smriti NotaniSmriti Notani  |  May 5, 2016
12 Ways You Are *Winning* At Life! (You Go, Girl!)


Let’s get one thing very clear right from the start. Success is a relative term. And you may not be a CEO yet, but that doesn’t mean you’ve achieved nothing in life. In our eyes, you’re a #GirlBoss all the way! Let’s just take a minute to kick up our heels and recount all the reasons why…

1. You know where you’re headed even if you’re not quite there yet.

The biggest success stories are the ones with a struggle period. Don’t give up on your dream; it’s bound to come true if you keep working at it.

winning at life

2. You may have fallen down but you know how to get right back up.

You know how to bounce back, and that alone makes you invincible.

3. You have survived heartbreak.

It seemed like the world had ended, but it went on…didn’t it?

winning at life

4. You are so fabulously independent.

Not to say that you don’t need your loved ones. At some level, we all do. But the truth is, you are not dependent on anyone for your daily survival and that alone is quite a feat.

5. You are young and confident.

What a lethal combination – geared to take over the world some day!

winning at life

6. You have your own unique style.

You know how to carry yourself and would never blindly copy someone. If that’s not classy, we don’t know what is.

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7. You can take a joke.

You know how to laugh at yourself, and that’s a bigger strength than you realize right now.

winning at life

8. You’ve wiped your own tears in the past.

Things can get tough at times and it’s only human to break down. But after you cried, you knew it was time to wipe your own tears. You didn’t wait for anyone to come and do that for you.

9. You have your own army!

From your parents to your best friends – no force on the planet can take away from you what you have in your arsenal…your loved ones.

winning at life

10. You have many talents, some hidden and some not so hidden.

You may or may not choose to reveal these to the world…but deep down you know they are there.

11. Your head is firmly on your shoulders.

You have a sense of realism about you and that quality alone will take you very far in life.

winning at life

12. Life may not always give you things on a platter, but it does reward you without you realizing.

How else can you explain being such a winner? 🙂

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