Are You Over Him? 12 Signs That Say You Are!

Neha GuptaNeha Gupta  |  May 5, 2016
Are You Over Him? 12 Signs That Say You Are!


We know how a breakup feels like – like the pain might never go away and the memories are going to stay forever. (Haven’t we all been there?!) Every song, every little thing reminds us of him – and we think this is what our life is going to be like – alone, and wrapped around his memories. But time heals us all, and we too learn to pick ourselves up and move on with life – till one fine day, we realize we are finally, truly, totally over that ex! Here are 12 signs that you, girl, are over him!

1. When you hear someone mention his name, your heart does NOT skip a beat.

You might still be interested in knowing what’s being talked about – but it doesn’t affect you in any way! It’s just random gossip about “someone you used to know”, nothing to get heated up over!

totally over him

2. When you go out, you no longer secretly hope to bump into him.

And neither do you stage accidental meetings at places he frequents! But if you do run into him – you don’t obsess over how you are looking or… What he thinks of you now does not matter to you!

3. When you’re on social media, you don’t feel inclined to check out his every move.

So he put up some song lyrics as his status? Good for him! Changed his hairstyle? Big deal…NOT. Lost weight? High time, already! You don’t look for hidden meanings behind his every move, and have simply accepted that his life does not revolve around you – and well, neither does yours around him.

totally over him 3

4. Neither do you care much about that random girl getting “a little too friendly” with him

You may check her out – that’s okay, really – after all, we’re human and curious. But for better or worse, you leave her and him alone to do whatever they want!

5. When he calls or texts, you don’t freak out!

You know how his calls earlier sent you into a excited-worried-happy-angry frenzy? Yup, that doesn’t happen anymore – you are curious at most, but can easily talk to that voice without feeling the ground beneath you shake! And if you’re busy with something else, you don’t drop everything to respond to him. Your priorities are different.

5 - totally over him

6. When you meet people, you are open to new friendships and experiences with them.

What with the whole breakup, you felt like you shut yourself out from the world too long, and are now ready to make new friends and enjoy the company of old ones. Maybe you even have a little crush on that cute guy at work.

7. When THAT song plays, you do not burst into tears.

Every couple has at least one song that they treat as their own – written and sung for their little love story! “That” song gave you serious reasons to cry earlier. But now you can tune into it – or out of it – without jogging down memory lane!

7 totally over him

8. When you go out clubbing, you don’t drunk-text him.

Simply because you’re having too much fun with your friends to bother yourself with thoughts of him. And if you HAVE to drink text someone now – isn’t that new crush gonna be more exciting?

9. Even when your thoughts run wild, you don’t fantasize about him coming back to you…

Earlier you’d muster up entire episodes in your head – wherein he somehow always realizes his mistake, confesses how much he misses and loves you AND begs you to take him back! Oh, how silly that seems now!

9 totally over him

10. When you talk to your friends about him, you don’t bitch about him.

You can now discuss your past relationship from an objective perspective, and can think and talk about everything that went right and wrong on both sides – without feeling guilty or angry.

11. When you run into his friends or family, you treat them in a civil manner.

You understand that there really is no reason why you should ignore them, or not acknowledge their presence. Your past no longer affects your present moods or manners.

11 totally over him

12. You wish him well in life.

All that bad blood? Yup, that’s gone. There once was a time when you really loved him – and you respect him for that. You’ve let go of any left over hatred about the way things ended – it’s the last step in letting go of him.

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