#LikeABoss: 17 Signs You’re OWNING Your 20s!

Divya SharmaDivya Sharma  |  May 5, 2016


The expectation from being in your 20s has considerably changed over the years, especially if you’re a girl. And with social media shoving everybody’s success down your throat, sometimes you may forget that you’re killing it – in your own way. So don’t let those other-people’s-holiday photos get you down, girl. Here are some signs you’re basically OWNING your 20s!

1. There is at least one raw thing in the kitchen that you can cook to perfection. Yes, even if you’re using pre-mixed pasta sauce to do it.

owning your 20s 1

2. You have a source of income. It could be the bare minimum from some freelance work or an internship, but it’s there. Even if you spend most of your time making copies and stuff. And, no, family money does not count.

3. You might not have all the finance management skills you would like to have, but you can reach the end of the month without your bank balance going into, uh, negative.

owning your 20s 3

4. When there’s a dress that’s WAY out of your budget, if you absolutely can’t live without it, well, you can still buy it for yourself. Even if you have to wait until the sales and skip watching the latest movies.

5. You’ve stopped lying to yourself about the boys in your life. You don’t fool yourself into thinking he loves you when he wouldn’t even refer to you as his girlfriend.

6. You’ve successfully paid a bill! Even footing your own cellphone bill is an empowering feeling and you HAVE felt it.

owning your 20s 6

7. You have your independence. No one has to drop you and pick you up all the time. You’re a grown woman and you’ve got a metro card and the skill to bargain with the autowallah!

8. Sure, you lived it up till the wee hours of the morning and sometimes didn’t even stop then back in college, but you know better now. If you NEED 3 hours of sleep to not completely die at work the next morning, then you know when to call it a night.

owning your 20s 8

9. We’ve all been talked into doing some really stupid things back in the day, and sure there weren’t any regrets. But things like getting talked into one more drink than you want to have or staying up later than you can just to talk to a guy you’re into? They just don’t work any more.

10. You know where life is headed. Doesn’t mean you have to have a full grasp of what needs to be done to get there, but you have a rough idea on what is going to be the next phase of your life.

owning your 20s 10

11. You’ve got an opinion, and you’re not afraid to voice it – even if you’re in a group that wouldn’t hesitate to debate it to death.

12. Your friends seek you out for actual, REAL advice, not just for a shoulder to cry on. You’re used to getting calls from them even if they’re in a different city – they want your opinion about their big life decisions.

owning your 20s 12

13. You plan for the future in whatever small way possible. It’s not just about getting through the day – you’ll fill up the tank of your car if you know it’s easier than getting it somewhat done for 500 bucks every 2 days.

14. Denial just isn’t that big a river to cross any longer. You know when to give up and get going. That doesn’t mean you’ve lost hope or failed. It just means you know when something is broken beyond repair.

owning your 20s 14

15. You’re hell-bent on living life on your own terms. He thinks you spend too much time at work? Too bad. Your friends think you don’t call them enough? Well, again, TOO BAD. You aren’t ready to compromise on your way of doing things for anyone who doesn’t respect those ways.

16. Bumping into an ex (boyfriend or best friend) does not faze you any more. And even if it does, you’ve mastered your poker face and the art of not letting people know when you’re totally freaked out.

owning your 20s 16

17. That mole on your cheek? You don’t obsess over it any longer. Those stretch marks you have on your thighs? You’ve stopped trying to hide them under clothes. You’ve come to terms with everything about the way you look. (Except the holiday weight – THAT you’re working on!)

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