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9 Signs You & Him Are In A *Mature* Relationship!

9 Signs You & Him Are In A *Mature* Relationship!

Being in a relationship can be a lot of work. But sometimes, you get lucky and find someone who makes it just so easy! You feel comfortable and secure with this person – and very seldom do they give you reasons to fight with them. Here are a few signs you’re in a mature relationship. Lucky you!

1. Your arguments are productive and have a solution…

You don’t just argue aimlessly for the sake of arguing, or because you’re angry and just feel like having it out with each other. If you fight at all, it’s because you want to better a situation and come out of it stronger than before.

2. There is immense trust between the two of you

You’re not worried about where he is or what he’s doing even if you haven’t spoken to him all day. You know he’s probably just busy and will call you when he can. Your brain doesn’t even wander into “spy” mode.

2 Mature relationship


3. There is no such thing as jealousy…

Again, this, of course, goes hand in hand with trust. Neither you nor your partner get jealous of the other girls or guys in your lives. You know that all the other women in his life are just his friends and you know your place in his life because he makes it so clear – and vice a versa. He makes it clear that you’re his priority – so there is no room for jealousy!

4. You have a huge amount of respect for one another…

And you always have each other’s back. You respect each other’s choices and decisions and support one another. Everyone in your life knows that you guys are a team. You mess with one, you mess with the other too!

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5. You never force your opinions onto the other…

You are definitely a team, but that doesn’t mean that if you like someone and he doesn’t, you have to dislike them too. And the same goes for him. He doesn’t have to dislike someone just because you do. You’re open enough with each other to accept that you both can have differences in choices and opinions – and that’s okay. You are still two individuals at the end of the day.


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6. You don’t discuss your problems with the whole world!

You don’t like washing your dirty laundry in public! Yes, you love and respect each other. And while you may feel the need to vent once in awhile to your friends after you’ve had a fight, you know your limit and you know what is okay and not okay to say. You have a few close friends with whom you might discuss your relationship – but you make sure that it doesn’t become a matter of public knowledge!

6 Mature relationship

7. You’re both equals…

You both split the bills, you both take turns picking a place to eat and deciding your weekend plans! It doesn’t always work the way one person wants. The relationship is as much about him as it is about you!


8. You show your love for each other…

Rather than just saying it with words! You realize now how important it is to actually make each other feel loved by doing small things rather than just saying it and not really backing it up with any actions.

8 Mature relationship

9. You’re not worried about the future

You may not have even discussed the future properly, but you know that you have nothing to worry about. Both of you know that this relationship is headed in the right direction – and just knowing that is enough for you. You know, and so does he, that everything will happen at the right time!

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16 Jun 2016

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