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9 Signs You Are an Online Shopping Addict!

All of us love to shop, but you know you’re getting addicted to it when all you’re doing is shopping online 24 x 7! Here are 9 signs that will help you figure out if you’re becoming an online shopping addict (just like me!). So read on…

online 1. You don’t remember the last time you tried something on before paying for it. Of course you know what I’m saying. All you’ve been doing is click – add to cart – check out! And I understand more than anyone else, believe me! No cash, no queues and no waiting.

2. You know your credit/debit card details by heart – who needs to be keep checking it, right? Too tedious a process to keep removing it from the bag, wallet and cardholder. Just learn it and save yourself about 10 minutes every single day.

3. It’s your pick-me-up for everything. Sad? Mood swings? Bored? This is your go-to place for some happiness. And you know it cheers you up like Christmas came early!


4. Bookmarking is an art. At least half the sites on your bookmarks list are eStores. You know it, but you’re going to go check them right now, aren’t you? Just to see what you can buy TODAY!

5. What do you mean: “Newsletter has gone into spam box?”! While the rest of the world complains about how their inboxes are jammed, you love the newsletters. They keep you updated on everything you’re about to buy, update you on the new merchandise and keep you in the loop with offers and discounts – what more could a girl ask for?

6. Contests from brands are bonus points. WHO would miss the chance of shopping online AND not having to pay for it?


7. Who needs the workout? Why walk around and carry bags when you can get whatever you want, delivered straight to your doorstep? Shop while eating your favourite cheesecake and score a leather jacket…oui?

8. Too many people, no leg space, lots of jostling. Get away from the number of people you have to meet in stores – fellow shoppers, helpers, packers, bouncers, queues, bargainers and the checkout guys. That’s my favourite reason for shopping online! (Yes, I have a little social bug in me that wakes up from time to time, but when shopping, I’d rather do it by myself.)

9. Your resume lists “shopping” as one of your hobbies. And in case it doesn’t, you should probably add it now!


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06 May 2016

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