10 Signs He Thinks *You* Are Absolutely Amazing In Bed!

Arya KhannaArya Khanna  |  Jul 28, 2017
10 Signs He Thinks *You* Are Absolutely Amazing In Bed!


We’ve talked enough about whether your man is good in bed, or what you should or should not do to get better at sex. However, sometimes you are just plain AWESOME at it and nothing can deny it. Here are 10 signs you are amazing in bed and doing just fine!

1. He Moans And Groans Like No Tomorrow

An easy way to know if he likes what you are doing is listening. If he is moaning and groaning and just can’t stop himself from doing it, you know you are on the right track!

2. He Loves Cuddling Up With You

It’s because you were so kickass during sex that he can’t even imagine letting you go. All he wants to do is keep you wrapped in his arms forever.

3. And The Smile Never Fades

If you can successfully turn his frown upside down and keep it there by what you two just did in bed, what more can he ask for?

3 amazing in bed - ryan gosling smile

4. He Is Vocal About How Much He Loved It

He doesn’t hide the fact that you just blew his mind. In fact, he is quite vocal about it. Vocal enough to even make you blush sometimes!

5. He Wants To Try New Things With You

No, he doesn’t want to try new things because he didn’t like what you just did. It’s only when you are great at things that you can go to the advanced levels, right? So if he is constantly on the lookout for new positions and tricks in bed, he knows you’ve got the moves, girl!

6. He Can’t Keep His Eyes Off Of You

Even when you finally get out of bed and are getting dressed to start the rest of your day, he just can’t stop looking at you. Can’t really blame him, can we? You’re effing beautiful!

6 amazing in bed - guy smiling

7. He Wants To Please You Too

He also doesn’t just stop at the fact that you are great in bed. If he is always motivated to please you sexually in the maximum way possible, it’s only because you are doing the same for him!

8. He Can’t Stop Touching You

If he looks like he probably just wants to hold your warm hands for the rest of your life then yes, you just hit jackpot in the sex appeal department. Not that, great sex is the only reason he wants to hold your hands but it’s definitely one of the major ones!

9. He Texts You In The Morning

After the deed is done if he is the one who texts first and flirts a little more than necessary, it’s because he can’t get you out of his mind!!

9 amazing in bed - guy texting

10. He Wants To Do It Again

And when he can’t get you off his mind, he wants to do it again as soon as possible! As simple as that!

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