9 Signs You’re A Badass Woman Who Knows What She Wants

Simar RanaSimar Rana  |  May 6, 2016


Let’s see, you’ve been told your whole life that you need to watch what you say, think carefully about what you do (lest you regret it later) and so on and so forth. You’ve tried, but here’s the thing: you cannot be contained! You’re a free-spirited woman who knows who she is and what she wants and nothing is going to get in the way of that. Whether it’s fighting with the rickshaw wala because he’s trying to scrape an extra 10 rupees from you or shocking your colleagues when you quit your job for something completely different, you know your own mind, and aren’t afraid to trust it.

Here are a few points to remind and reassure you that you’re just a badass woman who knows what she wants! You go girl 😉

1.“Get out of the way world, here I come” could basically be your motto

Whether it’s asking for more responsibility at work, making sure you get credit where it is due, running supermarket chores with the efficiency of an army officer or just walking up to a complete stranger to say hello, nothing can stand in your way once you’ve decided to do something!

badass woman

2. Your friends needn’t have any fear when you are here

You give the best pep talks and can help fix practically any situation. Your friends know who to turn to if they need a confidence boost, a confidant or just a pro social media stalker. 😛

3. You can stand your ground like a boss

One of the best qualities of a badass woman is that she rarely crumbles under pressure, no matter what the world throws at her. She stands by her set of beliefs and values and no amount of pressure can alter that.

badass woman

4. Confidence? Check. Sex appeal? Check.

Yes, you got that right. Your confidence is what makes you so damn sexy. Even when it comes to men, you know exactly what you’re looking for and aren’t afraid to go after it, even if that means making the first move!

5. You’re a perpetual risk taker

You’re not afraid to switch jobs if you aren’t enjoying it, or have a boss who sucks the life out of you. You have the guts to change career paths altogether if you realise you’re actually meant to do something else or end that relationship you know is bad for you. Bravo girl!

 badass woman

6. You’re not immodest, but you do know how to take a compliment 😉

The “no-no I didn’t do anything” isn’t exactly your style.You’re not shy to take credit for the fact that you completely rocked that presentation, or that your hair looked great or that you looked really good in that dress after you’d spent weeks slogging it out at the gym!

7. Independence is your middle name

You’re independent in your thought and actions. Whether it’s having unconventional views or wanting to follow a different path from everyone else, you’re not afraid to trust yourself. You will stand for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone.

 badass woman

8. You’re confident and proud without being arrogant

You know how to call a spade a spade, and openly voice your opinions, but you’re also the first to admit it, when you’re wrong about something. You don’t believe in being insincere and never flatter others (or even yourself) if they’re not worthy of it.

9. You’re not bothered by what others think of you, nor do you pass judgement on others

You’re not going to hold back from swinging out those super rad dance moves at a party just because some aunty will judge you for it. You’re also the first to defend random strangers when others pass judgement on them purely based on what they’re wearing or who they’re with.

badass woman

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