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7 Signs You And Your Boyfriend Are Basically A Married Couple!

7 Signs You And Your Boyfriend Are Basically A Married Couple!

You guys might be that couple that friends look at and say “Stop being boring, guys!”, but the truth is you don’t want to stop! Because you love being “boring” together. Here are a few signs you and your boyfriend are actually like a married couple!

1. You love staying in on weekends!

While everyone else is making plans and deciding where to go this weekend, you guys are planning on what movie you should watch in bed this Saturday!

2. You fight like a bunch of crazy kids…

But wait till someone else says one bad thing about you… They are SO dead!

Like a married couple

3. You like to sleep comfy!

You like cuddling, but only when you’re awake. You like sexy lingerie, but those old comfy pyjamas are your favourite. Basically, both of you respect your own and each other’s sleep!

4. You would rather that the other gained weight than lost a ton of it!

You like to see each other eat to your heart’s content. And a few extra pounds only mean that you have more of each other to love! 😛

Like a married couple

5. Shaving/ waxing is no biggie anymore

Yes, in the beginning of the relationship, you and him both made sure that you were very well groomed. You still want to impress each other – but being waxed all the time just doesn’t count anymore!

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6. You tell the other off if they spend too much!

Or if they’re just plain unrealistic about financial stuff. You may not be sharing a bank account yet, but you definitely care enough to be blunt and honest, even about sensitive issues.

Like a married couple

7. Sex is just…a part of the relationship

Initially when couples start out, they lay a lot of emphasis on the physical stuff. You and your guy are now at that stage where you just enjoy each other’s company so much, that even if you don’t have sex for a few days, it really doesn’t matter!

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06 May 2016

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