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17 Signs Your Bestie Is Really Your Twin Separated At Birth!!

17 Signs Your Bestie Is Really Your Twin Separated At Birth!!

She’s the sister you never had, she’s the butter to your chicken, she’s the one who totally gets you! She feels like home – and no matter how many times you fall down, she’s the one who picks you up (or deliberately falls down next to you)! Here are some signs that your bestie is really just your twin separated at birth!

1. She knows how to finish your sentences…

Even when you don’t know what you’re talking about!

2. She knows exactly who your new crush is…

Even when you’re in denial!

3. She can sense your mood better than anyone in the world…

Even when you guys aren’t together!

signs she is your best friend

4. She knows what you need and when you need it…

Even if it’s just a hug for no reason!

5. When you pick up your phone to call or text her…

You see her name flashing on your screen! No, really!

6. When you’re telling a joke and it turns out to be lame…

She still laughs the loudest (even if it’s at you and not the joke)!

signs she is your best friend

7. You have no shame in front of her…

You can wear your ancient pajamas, have a burp competition and even snore away to glory with her.

8. When a boy messes with your brain…

She’s the one who brings clarity! (And to him, some real danger!)


9. You have NO filter when you’re with her!

You’ve scandalized enough people around you to know that!

signs she is your best friend

10. You do everything together!

From road trips to trips to the bathroom – seriously, everything!

11. You sometimes wonder if your parents love her more…

Because she almost spends more time with them than you do!

12. She laughs? You laugh!

She cries? You cry.

signs she is your best friend

13. You don’t even need to speak in public to communicate…

One look and an eyebrow raise, and she knows exactly what you’re thinking!

14. You know you can’t live without her…

Even if you fight like cats and dogs sometimes!

15. You both never feel the need for a “date”…

You’re automatically each other’s plus one!

signs she is your best friend

16. And when a boy does come in the picture…

Your bestie is ready with a detailed test and a 3-page long questionnaire.

17. And some of the harshest things you’ve heard are from her…

Because she always tells you the truth, even if it isn’t pleasant. That’s why you love her so! <3

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05 May 2016

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