8 Signs He’s TOTALLY Devoted To You. So, Chill!

Simar RanaSimar Rana  |  May 5, 2016


It can be pretty confusing to sometimes try to figure out whether the person you’re with is actually devoted to you and the relationship that you share. Sure, he sends you texts regularly and spends time with you, but you still want to KNOW if he is committed to this relationship! Here are a few things he does that should totally clear up your doubts – yes, he’s super into you, now cut him some slack!

1. He is super-sweet and affectionate with you in front of all his friends – and everyone else!

It doesn’t matter who you’re with, his behaviour towards you doesn’t change. He’s super into you and doesn’t hold back from showing it. He is far from embarrassed when it comes to showering you with love and affection, even when you’re out with all your friends. He can’t help it. He’s just THAT into you!

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2. He is proud of all your achievements and loves to show them off to the world

Yes, he loves to show you and your achievements off to the world as if they were his own. No competing for who’s doing better at work or in life in general. He’s too proud of you to ever let that be an issue. He is happier in your happiness!

3. He makes an effort to be in touch with you, no matter where he is!

Doesn’t matter if he’s on holiday somewhere in the Bahamas! He has got to be in touch with you. Even if he can’t talk to you all the time, he will send you texts or pictures to keep you updated and in the loop!

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4. He leaves his ego behind where you’re concerned

Even when you have petty fights and you’re wrong, he doesn’t mind stepping up and taking the blame. He does that often actually! It’s all about moving on from the fight and focusing on the positive. So whatever it takes!

5. He’s eager for you to meet all of the other important people in his life

His best friends and, yes, his family too! They all know about you and you’ve met most of them. But he can’t wait to make you meet even the few you haven’t met yet!

devoted to you 5

6. His friends love hanging out with you

How a person’s friends feel and think about you can say a lot about how HE actually feels and thinks about you. So if his friends are always inviting you to hang out, and even call you to talk every once in a while, you know he only has good things to say about you! AWW!!

7. He is there for you when you really need him, no matter what the circumstance

It could be the middle of the night, early morning or just when he has something else planned. He will be there and will not create a fuss about having to leave something important in the middle to be with you.

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8. He is willing to do things for you that he’s too lazy to do otherwise!

He likes to do things that he knows will make you happy, even if it means going out of his way. He doesn’t see them as chores! Even if it means waking up on a Sunday morning to go to your favourite place for breakfast. He might hate waking up on before noon on Sunday, but anything to see you eat your favourite meal!!

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