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#SidNaazForever: Looking Back At The Greatest Love Story Of Our Lifetimes, One Last Time

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Sep 3, 2021
#SidNaazForever: Looking Back At The Greatest Love Story Of Our Lifetimes, One Last Time


Someone wise once said that it’s not those who leave that feel the pain of parting, it is the ones who stay behind that suffer. Today, our heart goes out to Shehnaaz Gill as she and Sidharth Shukla’s family prepare to bid him a final farewell. In a rather heartbreaking update, it is being said that he actually passed away while sleeping on her lap. “Shehnaaz ka ro rokar bura haal hai. Usne mujhse kaha ‘papa, usne mere haathon mein dum toda hai. Mere haathon mein woh is duniya ko chhodkar gaya. Ab main kya karungi kaise jeeyungi?” her father shared in a media interaction.

We couldn’t have imagined even in our wildest dreams that something that started so beautifully in the Bigg Boss house would end up on such a heartbreaking note. This is the end of #Sidnaaz and knowing how Shehnaaz’s life revolved around Sidharth, we cannot even fathom the amount of pain she must be in right now. The bubbly and playful Sana is gone and it might take forever before she returns. Rahul Mahajan who was earlier at Sidharth’s residence to pay his respects has talked about how inconsolable she is at the moment and it is breaking our heart. “She had gone completely pale as if a storm had just passed by and washed away everything,” he shared in a late-night interview. 


It is hard to believe that it is over. Are we really talking about Sidharth Shukla’s death right now? There was just so much that remained to be told and written about his epic love story. They had just announced a new show on Colors TV. Abu Malik has also shared that Sana wanted to marry Sidharth. It was quite apparent that she wanted to shout out their love to the world but Sid being the private person he was, never clearly said anything on the camera. And now that she gets to talk about it, he is gone. Forever. However, irrespective of how their story has ended, it was an epic one and would always remain so. Today, as the world bids a final adieu to Sidharth Shukla, we look back at the greatest love saga of our time. Read on for 10 #SidNaaz moments that were just too pure:

When Shehnaaz Openly Declared Her Love For Sidharth 

#SidNaaz’s love story is one for the books. Watching the two of them together on Bigg Boss was like watching a grand Bollywood romance, the one we never wanted to end. It was just magical and one of our favourite moments from the show was when Shehnaaz openly declared her love for Sid. “Tu mera hai aur bas mera hi rahega,” she said and there is no way any #SidNaaz fans would ever get over it. 

When Sid Watched Her From The Secret Room


Their BB journey was full of ups and downs and Sid’s typhoid diagnosis came as a major jolt to Sana. He had to leave the house to get proper medical attention and while the exit broke Sana’s heart it also made her realise just what he meant to her. After a while, the actor was sent to the secret room and could watch everyone in the house while they had no clue about it. It was during one of those days that Sid heard her saying, “Mujhe lag raha hai ko wo abhi gaya nahi hai. Wo abhi aas paas hi hai aur mujhe dekh raha hai.” Back then, it was adorable to watch it live as Sid kept fondly smiling at her comments. However, today it is breaking our hearts into a million pieces.

When He Talked About Their Attachment

While he might not have always expressed it explicitly, Sidharth was equally fond of Sana and told this to her in a rather emotional moment. “Meri na tere saath jo attachment hai, kisi bhi aur insaan ke saath aesi nahi hai,” he said as she listened to him. 

When Siddharth Told Her That She Can Call Him For Anything Even If She Was 70

Sid constantly looked after Sana and her needs in the BB house. However, one day he got worried about what would happen to her once BB gets over and they make their way back to the real world. Unable to deal with the thought, he went to Sana and requested her to always reach out to him whenever she feels lost in life. “Agar tu 70 years ki bhi hojayegi aur agar mein zinda raha toh to mujhe call kregi,” he said. It made us cry that day, it is making us cry today. 

When They Drifted Off To Sleep While Holding Each Other’s Hand


What #Sidnaaz shared was something magical. It wasn’t marred by our worldly ideas of love and belonging. They regarded each other with childlike innocence. They bonded how children do–wholeheartedly and sans any expectations. It was like it was bound to happen as if the two of them did not know any other way. Sid and Sana would spend most of their time in the BB house with each other and even slept together. During one of these afternoon naps, the two could be seen still holding each other’s hands while they had both slept. It was just too precious, just too pure.

When He Won The Show


Yes, Sid was very happy when he finally won Bigg Boss 13 but guess what? There was a contestant who was happier than him despite losing the show. It was Shehnaaz Gill, of course, who came to the stage and gave Sid a big fat hug right after the results were announced. The picture was complete–at that moment, he was holding his trophy and she was holding hers.

When The Two Made It To The BB House Yet Again

Just last month, #SidNaaz made a re-entry to the Bigg Boss house and we were all transported back in time. That was the thing about their chemistry–it was almost palpable. Throughout the episode, they kept looking at each other with all the love in their eyes and being their old selves as they cracked jokes and pulled each other’s legs. It was wholesome, to say the least.

When The Two Gave Us Couple Goals On Dance Deewane

Soon after their BB appearance, #Sidnaaz were seen on Dance Deewane. The two also danced together and the video was every bit magical. It was right there–the fairytale #Sidnaaz moment that we had all been waiting for. The two were very apparently in love and making it official did not matter anymore. 

When Sid Asked Fans Not To Target Sana Unneccersily 


Just like he promised, Sidharth kept looking after Sana outside the BB house as well. On more than one occasion, he dealt with the online trolls for her. Just recently, a fan page had tweeted how Shehnaaz encourages her followers to write unfavorable things about Sid. Not in the mood of taking any of that crap, he promptly replied, “Please you don’t need to shame her…it’s not her fault …she herself has asked them to stop all this like I have… let’s just be civil and make this place better… so that we can enjoy and learn from each other … makes sense.”

When Shehnaaz Talked About Their Pure Bond

Shehnaaz recently appeared on Janice Sequeira’s show where she talked about her bond with Sidharth. During the chat, she mentioned how it was a pure relationship and that she really cherishes the love that he has given her all this while. “Main khud maanti hun ki ye rishta hai alag…ek family type hai,” she shared.

Rest assured, #SidNaaz gave us the greatest love story of our times. Sadly, out of all the things that we thought of writing about it, “incomplete” was never one of them.

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