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Sidharth Malhotra May Be Our Generation’s Perfect Husband Material!

Sidharth Malhotra May Be Our Generation’s Perfect Husband Material!

It is the 33rd birthday of Bollywood actor Sidharth Malhotra and we’ve got reasons to celebrate our generation’s ultimate ‘strong and silent’ type of man. Sitting with a group of friends, we got discussing the current crop of actors and the kind of people we think they are. When it came to Sid, all of us unanimously agreed that he’s the perfect boyfriend/husband material. Really, if you think about it, the Aiyaary actor is one of the more interesting and unconventional stars in the Bollywood universe and the kind of man that you want in your life. 


Sunday well spent! #Aiyaary

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So what is it about Sid that makes him so appealing? While it might not be the best thing to judge someone’s personality through a few interviews or movies, but we’ve seen enough of him to be sure that his charisma is for real. In an industry full of heartbreakers and barely-there love stories, Sid seems like a good choice for a best friend, lover and possibly husband. First things first, it’s about respect. And let’s just say you’re going to be treated as an equal, always. In an interview with a national daily, he was quoted saying, “Men need to charm women and not chase them,” a strong statement making it clear that women shouldn’t be forced or bullied into making a decision about the man.

He is exactly the kind of guy you can take home to meet your parents in his perfectly ironed, crisp white shirt. From what I gather, Gaurav Kapoor in A Gentleman is really the kind of guy he is. No, don’t get me wrong, he’s not boring or meek, but just deliciously simple and sweet. He does have a rogue-ish side (like Rishi from the movie does) and if his Instagram feed is any indication, he’s just as adventurous and an intrepid traveller!


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He’s dependable, safe and just the person you want to go to when you have an issue. And isn’t that something all of us need in our relationships? Dependability? The thrill of being with somebody adventurous and crazy is fine but nothing matches the stability and assurance another person can provide to you. That is what’ll keep you stress-free and prevent those random bouts of jealousy and insecurity, which are not cool at all! The kind of commitment he shows to his family is the proof of this! Despite being busy with promotions for a movie, he made it a priority to attend his cousin’s wedding even though he had to fly back the next day. Isn’t that sweet?

And it’s not just about who he is, it’s also about where he comes from. Hailing from a Punjabi family of Delhi, you can be sure that this guy is a self-made man. All that he is and will be, he’s achieved relentless hardwork and talent. The kind of humility that comes from this is unmatched. He’ll value everything more because he knows that it did not come easy and he had to earn it. Including you. So he’s not going to be taking anything for granted, ever!


Break time

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At the end of the day, it’s not about the butterflies you feel in your stomach when you’re with your partner but the sense of calm that settles over you. The feeling of knowing that this man is yours and no matter what, he’ll stand by you is what keeps you going. Equal effort is required when it comes to relationships and there is no doubt in my head, or that of my friends, that he will be putting in all that effort to keep you. And his effortlessly stylish look doesn’t hurt either!

So, get yourself a man like Sidharth Malhotra, ladies!

16 Jan 2018

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