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Anusha Dandekar’s Heartfelt Post For Sis Shibani Is Making Us Want To Hug Our Sibling RN!

Anusha Dandekar’s Heartfelt Post For Sis Shibani Is Making Us Want To Hug Our Sibling RN!

Okay, I’ll be honest with you. As a single child, every time I see Anusha Dandekar share a post with her siblings, it makes me want to have sisters too! 

Now it’s no secret how tight-knit the Dandekar clan is. One look at their Insta and you’d know that they’re practically inseparable. From attending fashion events together to partying together across the world to casually chilling in the PJs back home, the sisters sure know how to have fun and set #siblinggoals for the rest of us. 

This time around, Shibani and Anusha are in the spotlight as the latter shared a straight-from-the-heart kinda post for Shibani. We bet that her caption will defs melt your heart and also make you go ‘same!’ if you have siblings. 



In the ‘appreciation post’, Anusha lets out how her sibling bond with Shibani has deepened over time. She said that, “My Sister and I, for everyone that knows us, have a unique relationship. We have fought a lot but the Love runs so deep.” 

Moving forward, do you want to know about the person who Anushka is afraid of? It’s none other than sister Shibani. “She is probably the only person who I’m genuinely afraid of because her approval was always the most important, she’s more like a parent to me. She makes me laugh and cry the most, is super strict in some ways but also super chill in other ways,” read another part of her post. 

The Love School host even thanked Shibani a number of times for standing by her side through the worst phase of her life.“But when it comes down to it, whenever I’m heart broken, really sick, felt alone, was in big trouble with the parents or struggling in general … she’s there, standing tall, fighting my battles and making sure I am protected, more than okay and rising above,” she shared. 


That’s not all, she also added that “Most times she does it with tough Love which scares me into feeling better quickly, hehe… but I know she does that because to be honest, she’s the most scared when I’m not okay, I know she loses sleep and worries more than anyone.” 

Now if this post isn’t adorable then we don’t know what is. And after reading this, I can’t help but feel like a big bowl of mush. Also, BRB, currently on the lookout for a sister who’ll be the Shibani to my Anusha. 

Featured Image: Instagram

25 May 2021

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