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11 Things You’ll Get If You And Your Sibling Have A Huge Age Gap!

11 Things You’ll Get If You And Your Sibling Have A Huge Age Gap!

Love them or hate them, having a sibling to share everything with is one of the best things ever! It’s great not just because they’re your first friends but also because they are your confidante, partner-in-crime and nemesis, all in one! You learn so much from one another each day – be it through sharing your ice cream late at night or fighting for the TV remote. Normally, the age gap between siblings is anywhere for two years to five years, but sometimes the age gap is a lot more. And when that happens, the experiences are absolutely different from other people. So, well, here are 11 things you will get when you and your sibling have a huge age gap!

1. You have another parental figure

Especially during your childhood. Being bullied? Call your sibling! Need advice? Call your sibling! Need to be bailed out of a class? Hello, elder sibling!



2. They tell you all about the time you missed with your parents!

And include the super hilarious (and maybe, embarrassing) things your parents did which they wouldn’t have told you otherwise!


3. Sometimes you feel like you’re generations apart!

Your sister cannot understand Tinder and you can’t understand her undying love for the 90’s songs!



4. You’ve both had a fair share of living as a single child with your folks

Your older sibling got to spend a lot of time with your parents, thanks to being born first, something they make sure you never forget. But when they leave to study or live alone or get married, you get your parents to yourself and all their love!

5. A best friend for life

You spent your entire childhood and teen years treating them like parents but once you cross those awkward years, you’ll never even realise when they become your best friend!



6. You get the best advice

From career to love life to teaching you how to be patient, they don’t want you repeating their mistakes. They’re an advisory board you can trust!


7. You are ALWAYS pampered!

When your parents don’t agree to buy you something, they’ll be the first ones to secretly get it for you.



8. You know everything ‘retro’

From clothes, music, vintage posters to their cassette players… there’s so much to love!

9. Lessons in fashion are never ending

Your sibling has tried and tested everything: the weird hairdos, the hair colour, the makeup. They even have a few tips to share with you but their fashion advice is on point!



10. You can copy their style without having to think too much

You love their style and it’s just easier copying theirs than trying to think of a unique one to make for yourself. From your first email ids to the inspiration posters to even clothes!


11. They keep your secrets safe!

Late night calls, drinking, your first smoke and even your first ever fail score – they know it all and they never tell. So you have your own humar diary!


02 Feb 2018
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