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Is An Epilator What You Should Be Using To Go Hair-Free?

Is An Epilator What You Should Be Using To Go Hair-Free?

Hair removal is something all of us women hate doing but endure month after month because, well, who doesn’t want smooth arms and legs? The two best and most debated over methods of hair removal are epilation and waxing! There have been heated debates for decades on which method is more effective. The truth is: they are both effective in removing hair from the root. If you’ve always been curious about epilating, here’s everything you need to know! Why make those trips to the parlour when you can try this at home instead?

What is an epilator? Why should you use it?

should you use an epilator

An epilator is similar to an electric shaver with a rotating head that tweezes and traps hair and pulls it from the root. An epilator is the best method for women on the move who need a quick and hassle-free hair removal method. It is also a great method for someone on a budget. Although the epilated hair grows back faster when compared to waxing, epilators can remove the smallest hair that waxing cannot. Plus, constant epilation causes the roots to weaken, which leads to weaker, thinner hair. YAY!

Waxing Vs Epilating

While the pros and cons of each technique can often confuse you, let’s get down to some basic wins and losses for each method to make it easy for you to pick.

1. Price – Epilator wins!

Waxing can be very expensive; epilators on the other hand are a one time investment. You may end up spending quite a bit on an epilator once, but with waxing there is a recurring monthly cost.


2. Convenience – Epilator wins!

should you use an epilator

Waxing often requires preparation, appointments and time spent travelling to and fro from the parlour. Epilators on the other hand offer convenience – at your own time, in your home or wherever you may want. You can carry it in your bag if you like!

3. Time – Epilator wins!

A full body wax can take up to an hour and a half. Epilating will take under an hour and also doesn’t require clean up time. You can even skip the shower after epilating. We do recommend wiping the area with a wet wipe and moisturizing, though!

4. Effectiveness – It’s a tie!

should you use an epilator


Waxing pulls out hair from the root and also gets rid of surface dead skin cells. Sometimes while waxing, some hair gets left behind and you then need to tweeze or thread the area separately. Waxing, however, can leave you with smooth soft skin thanks to its exfoliating properties. An epilator is a machine that pulls hair out from the root directly, so if you miss a spot you can go over it again with ease. Sometimes hair is too small to come out through the waxing method and you are left with small unsightly hairs all over. Epilation on the other hand can remove even the smallest of hair!

5. Effect On Skin – It’s a tie!

Both waxing and epilation can cause temporary redness and bumps on your skin if you have sensitive skin. Epilation can cause small bumps on the skin because of the irritation of pulling hairs individually from their root. It is recommended you epilate a day prior to an event and moisturize when done. Waxing on the other hand can cause redness and temporary rashes. It is recommended you take a soap-free shower afterwards and follow up this method with some light moisturizer or aloe vera gel.

6. Pain – It’s relative

Both waxing and epilation can be extremely painful if you have sensitive skin. Waxing pulls out a larger surface area of hair at a time as compared to epilating. The pain criteria is a very personal one to generalize upon since we all have a different threshold for pain. Epilating can be painful too since it pulls out a smaller surface area of hair in one go. The argument bounces back and forth both ways – give both methods a try to decide what works best for you.

Our verdict? An epilator takes home the most points here for convenience, time, price and effectiveness!


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Popxo Recommends

Some of the best epilators in the Indian market are manufactured by Philips and Braun. The price can vary from Rs. 1,800 to 12,000. Some are pretty splurgey, but can still work out more cost effective than waxing in the long run.

1. PHILIPS SATINELLE EPILATOR HP6421/00 – Rs. 2,995 (Hands, legs and sensitive areas)  

2. BRAUN SILK EPIL 1/1170 EPILATOR – Rs. 2,565 (Hands and legs)


3. BRAUN SILK EPIL 3/3170 EPILATOR – Rs. 3,045 (Hands and legs)

4. BRAUN SILK EPIL 7/7951 EPILATOR – Rs. 9,465 (Hands, legs, sensitive areas and face)

5. BRAUN EPILATOR 9-558 – Rs. 9,999  (Hands, legs, sensitive areas and face)

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05 May 2016

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