For Real! The 12+ Budget Fashion Finds Under 2K You Will Be Wearing Again & Again & Again

Abhilasha TyagiAbhilasha Tyagi  |  Jan 6, 2021
For Real! The 12+ Budget Fashion Finds Under 2K You Will Be Wearing Again & Again & Again

In terms of your closet, are you thinking ‘new year, new me’ or you are going for unwavering solidarity to failsafe styles in your wardrobe? Considering both extremes, the best route to take is the middle one: invest in key pieces that can be reworn time and again and experimented with, ensuring you don’t go overboard but don’t stay low on essentials either. As staying in still remains the need of the hour and waist-up dressing continues to remain the star of the season, we bring to you the basics, statement fashion pieces and in-betweeners that will work anytime, anywhere. And guess what, they all come with a super affordable price tag.

Uber-Cool Budget Buys To Wear On Repeat

From key pieces you will wear on repeat starting now to the ones worth bookmarking for a little later, delve into the shoppable styles that January sales have to offer. 

A+ Outerwear

Even indoors, beating the winter chill remains a priority and what really could be better than the chic, cool outerwears that do the trick while making for a striking appearance. Looking for the perfect pieces? Pick from the off-duty jacket and vivid-hued sweatshirt that will make for smooth sailing ahead. 

Breezy Shirts & Tops

Roomy shirts and blouses have definitely taken over our wardrobes in the past couple of months and the same can be expected in the days to come. No complaints though; wear them solo if you are fortunate to witness great weather or add those winter layers to keep it snug and ideal for the Zoom screen. 

Activewear Alert

If there is any category that is quite unaffected by the ‘stay home’ mandate, it’s activewear that doubles up as an effective work uniform. For your indoor exercise and fitness regime, we picked out the basics that might require an update. Take a peek to shop. 

Contemporary Leaning

For those stepping out for work but looking to keep it relaxed, nothing beats the comfortable contemporary styles that are equal parts stylish and fuss-free. An added bonus: you can wear them in a plethora of settings ranging from upcoming festivities to intimate gatherings. 

Versatile Going-Out Attires

Parties may be restricted to a virtual or low-key setting but when it comes to adding a statement piece to your existing closet, the ongoing sales present an array of options. Classic and incorporating a versatile front, these can be really be worn on loop!

Accessories & Makeup

It goes without saying that beauty essentials and accessories have the ability to amp up any look in a jiffy and the same goes for our curated edit that keeps the thought in mind. Trust us, a dab of lipstick and adding classic earrings to your look go a long way. 

Ready to begin 2021 in style? Us too!

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