Shibani Dandekar Finally Spills The Beans On Anusha-Karan Breakup & It’s Shocking AF!

KanupriyaKanupriya  |  Jul 29, 2021
Shibani Dandekar Finally Spills The Beans On Anusha-Karan Breakup & It’s Shocking AF!

Anusha Dandekar may not be a Love School professor now, but she can give you major inspo if ever you’re dealing with heartbreak. Her Instagram captions are all about self-love and honestly, one look at them can help you feel better about yourself. NGL, the VJ, post her breakup with Karan Kundrra, reminded us how to move on in life and start afresh. Well, that’s an important lesson we expect our love professor to give us. And, her sister, Shibani Dandekar, completely agrees.

Recently, while talking to a leading daily about her latest anthology movie, Love In The Times Of Corona, she opened up about her sister’s breakup. She said that Anusha and Karan separated right before the lockdowns, which made the situation more difficult for the former.

“Her breakup was a difficult period in her life. It happened just before the lockdown. So, it was a tricky space for her to navigate. Because essentially, everybody then is alone. You have to be able to reach out to people in your life that are there for you.”


The VJ had opened up in the past about her breakup and revealed that her former partner cheated on her. “I was more shocked and disappointed in what I had accepted all these years when I stepped away and saw the reality of what was going on,” she shared during an AMA session on Instagram.

Shibani added further and said, “What’s happened in the last couple of years has really set the bar in terms of tolerance—of what we are willing to deal with and what we’re not willing to deal with. We’ve changed. We’re willing to accept a lot less than what we were willing to accept before. We want more from our relationships. My sister has reached a point where she wants to be true to herself. She wants to live the best version of what she can of her own life. It was an important journey for her to be on.”


The Four More Shots actress also emphasised the importance of being honest about our feelings and cheered her sis for doing the same. She said, “We hide so much of what’s going on in our lives because we worry about what other people would think. Just be honest and open about it. And, that’s what she chose to do. She’s in the public eye, her relationship was in the public eye. And, she decided to just say that ‘it is what is it, this is what has happened. I want to be honest about it and hope people will relate to it and be brave enough to speak their truth.”

Well, breakups are tough and so is moving on, but we’re glad that Anusha is in a much better place in her life RN. Also, we love how the Dandekar sisters have each other’s back—#SisterGoals! BTW, you can watch Love In The Times Of Corona on Voot because honestly, it is relatable AF!

Featured Image: Instagram