Shehnaaz Gill’s New Music Video For Sidharth Shukla Is Out & We Cannot Stop Crying!

KanupriyaKanupriya  |  Oct 29, 2021
Shehnaaz Gill’s New Music Video For Sidharth Shukla Is Out & We Cannot Stop Crying!


Shehnaaz Gill released the video of her latest song, Tu Yaheen Hai, today on YouTube and no, we are not okay! We are overwhelmed with emotions, cannot stop crying and want to tell the actress that she’s absolutely right—Sidharth Shukla is and will always be with her.

The Bigg Boss 13 winner’s sudden death on September 2 had sent the entire nation in a state of shock. What broke us more was the mere thought of Shehnaaz, who was with him even during his last moments in this world. Her fans worried about her wellbeing and constantly motivated her to stay strong in whatever way they could.

It was a relief for all of us when Sana resumed her work as that hinted that she was gradually healing and getting in a better place. Now, she has poured her heart out in her new music video and we finally have got an insight into how she’s holding up. While her journey is tough, she knows that she’s not alone in it as Sid is always around her. Take a look at this video, but we warn you, it will break your heart:

The video starts with a clip from BB 13 where Shehnaaz can be seen saying, “Tu mera hai aur tu mera hi rehega.” The song captures some of the most beautiful moments from their time in the BB house. From looking at the moon to sharing the heartiest laugh together, the track is making us fall in love with #Sidnaaz all over again.

Honestly, it looks as if we are watching two entirely different people in this video—a Shehnaaz who’s full of life and light and a new Shehnaaz, who’s broken but beautiful. Time has changed the Sana we knew completely and our heart goes out to her.

The lyrics of the song are a reflection of her feelings and how terribly she’s missing the centre of her universe. “Wo hasee teri, zindagi meri, tu chura le gaya hai. Mere dil ko pata hai, tu yaheen hai yahan hai,” these words in Shehnaaz’s voice sound painful but hopeful at the same time.


From looking at her pictures with Sid to feeling his presence by wearing his tees, Shehnaaz has kept him alive in her heart in every way possible. NGL, the moment when we heard his voice calling “Sana” in the video, we got goosebumps—it just felt so real. As if a bad dream has come to an end and these two are finally together once again.

And, you know what? They are. Tu Yaheen Hai is not just a musical tribute from Shehnaaz to Sid but also proof that he is looking after her from some place better. We hope that she remembers this always and moves forward in life knowing that she’s never alone.

Honsla Rakh, Shehnaaz!

Featured Image: Instagram