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Shehnaaz Gill Spills The Beans On Her Transformation Journey & The Deets Are Surprising AF

Shehnaaz Gill Spills The Beans On Her Transformation Journey & The Deets Are Surprising AF

You know how Bigg Boss gives a beautiful farewell speech to a few gharwalas by the end of the season? In 2019, he said in one of the last episodes that BB13 will be always be known as Shehnaaz Gill’s season. And I totes agree. She was definitely the best part of the reality show and that’s why her fans absolutely loved her. It was her charm, wit and amazing personality that won our hearts every single time. In fact, she has been entertaining her fans after the show came to an end as well—she featured in a few music videos and looked oh-so stunning. And, we gotta say, we were amazed by her transformation.

Recently, the actress hosted a YouTube live session and talked about her diet and exercise routine. When a fan asked about her transformation journey, Shehnaaz quickly replied that her diet helped her immensely. She said that one should eat everything they like but pay attention to quantity. 


Interestingly enough, Shehnaaz isn’t fond of working out at the gym. She said that while she would love to start one day, it might take her some time. However, she emphasised the fact that if one wants to stay fit, then they must exercise. And now that we think back, we do remember how she used to skip her workout sessions in the Bigg Boss house.

While talking about her stint on the show, another fan commented that they liked her better as a gharwala. Shehnaaz had a wonderful reply and said that she loved herself in every phase. She said, “Thank you so much. She was me and this is also me. I considered myself pretty then and I still do. So, that’s what it is. If you think I should go back to that look, I can do that anytime. It is not a difficult thing. I just have to eat more.”


We have said it before and we will say it again, if you ever want pointers on self-love, you better take it from Shehnaaz. However, our hearts broke a little when she revealed the reason for her transformation. The actress said that she could not get a lot of work because the entertainment industry required her to lose weight. She said, “That look (her appearance in Bigg Boss) is also my favourite. But baat ye hai ki kaam nahi milta industry mein. Yahan pe patli ladkiyan chalti hain (But the thing is that you won’t get any work in the industry. Thin girls are in demand here).”

NGL, it makes us extremely furious to imagine that the entertainment industry cannot get rid of its unrealistic expectations when it comes to beauty. While we would have loved Shehnaaz to challenge their sexist methods, we do realise that it might not be as easy as it sounds. It’s high time the industry starts recognising talent and people get over this obsession with looks.

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Well, just like the actress said herself, we loved her in Bigg Boss and we love her now. Shehnaaz is soon going to feature in the movie Honsla Rakh with Diljit Dosanjh and we cannot wait to see them together on our screen. Hope we get some deets on that soon!

Feature Image: Instagram

29 Jun 2021

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