7 Shaving Tips That Will Keep Hair From Growing Back Too Soon!

Krithika KumarKrithika Kumar  |  Aug 16, 2017
7 Shaving Tips That Will Keep Hair From Growing Back Too Soon!

Body hair can be quite a pain! Unless you get a permanent solution for it. But let’s face it girls, we might have to break the bank for that. We believe that pesky body hair should not keep you from wearing your favourite dress which is why we have listed 7 shaving tricks that will definitely come in handy.

1. Shave during or after your shower

1 shaving tips Shave during or after your shower

While a lot of us shave when we are showering, there is no hard or fast rule about it. Although if you shave during or after your shower, your skin is tender, supple and it’s easy to get a close shave.

2. Take your time

You should never ever shave in a rush. Other than causing unnecessary cuts, you might not do a very good job at getting rid of all your body hair.

3. Be picky with your razor

3 shaving tips Be picky with your razor

Not many of us put a lot of effort in picking the right razor but know that it is as important as shaving right. A wrong razor can give you cuts and wounds that you don’t need. We suggest you use a Gillette Venus razor which comes with a soothing strip that heals while you shave!

4. Shave downward and then upward

For a shave that will last longer, it is a good idea to shave once in the direction of your hair growth and then shave in the opposite direction, to make sure you’ve gotten rid of every tiny strand. This will not only give you a clean shave but will also make sure that you have no pesky leftovers!

5. See what works best for your skin

5 shaving tips See what works best for your skin

A lot of different ways of shaving work on different people, so don’t be afraid to experiment. On some girls (like me) dry shaving lasts much longer than shaving with soap or conditioner. Know what suits your skin best and follow the process. If you have a Gillette Venus Breeze razor, you will never have to worry about the preparatory agent like a soap or cream as it is equipped with in-build moisture gel bars and body butters that not only provide one-stroke smoothness but also retains your skin moisture. Win-win!

6. Shave one tiny area at a time

We all make this mistake of shaving one large area and sometimes miss out on tiny strands. The trick is to use short strokes and then work your way along the entire area!

7. Pull your skin for a closer shave

7 shaving tips  Pull your skin for a closer shave

Sometimes we miss out on an area because we forget to pull our skin while shaving. Fold your knee while shaving or pull your underarms skin taut, in order to help the blade move easier.

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